Hello, I am 30yrs old and have been training for ten years. I feel like I have hit a plateau with my muscle building and supplementation.. Therefore, I am planning on cycling with a ph. This would be my first time stepping up, so I am going with H-Drol by CEL. Here is what I had planned out after my research

pre load cycle assist plus continue thru cycle

H-Drol (50,50,75,75,50)

pct.(inhibit e, pct assist, liver assist xt, creatine,no shotgun)

also I will run protein and a multi vit. thru out cycle and have taurine to help with cramping..

Am I looking good??? I know most people suggest with my size to run 75 all the way but I want to lower my sides and since this is my first run I wanted to ease into the ph world...