BULKING cycle please need advice.

  1. BULKING cycle please need advice.

    need help with my bulking cycle...

    im doing a 18week cycle using:

    Boldanone = 1-16

    Tren acetate = ?

    Parabolan (trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate) = ?

    Prop = 1-3 (as kick start) and at the end 12-17

    Test enanthate = 1-12

    Anavar = 1-8

    Winny tabs = 10-18


    And GHRP-6 (using it more to increase appetite because tren and anavar kills my appetite)

    Also arimidex (.5 every 2days) and Dostinex bcos of Tren

    My question is when should i use the Tren.a and Parabolan?

    I was thinking of doing this....

    Tren.acetate = 1-7 (for a kick start)

    Parabolin = 8-16 (to finish it at the end with Boldanone and start PCT at week 18....

    Another thing...do u think its too long? its the first time doin a cycle this long, its just bcos its my first time doing HGH and wanna ake the most out of it. U think would be better to do last jabs on week 14 and start PCT on week 16??

    Would much appreciate help from you boys as ive been reading some of the threads on this site and really seems like most of u know what ur talkin about...


  2. How much experience do you have with juice and what are your stats? That is a long cycle with a ton of steroids!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by gymaddict20 View Post
    How much experience do you have with juice and what are your stats? That is a long cycle with a ton of steroids!
    i have experience. i have done Insulin before but never used HGH.

    the only thing bad really is the tren for side effects. theres not that many dif steroids, prop and enanthate is Test....test is test just has a dif ester

    tren.a and parabolin are pretty much the same thing just dif ester. both a trenbolone

    this is a bulking cycle, i know alot of ppl usually add d.bol or naps as a kick but i get hair loss and prone to gyno (thats y takin arimidex and dostinex) ....so i chose anavar and winny cos if i did them all together the sides would be much worst

    any more advice?

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