I'm starting my second cycle height 6foot5 weight 260pds 20% bf i want to cut weight. I got a hold of qv tren 75 & androphen 275 thinking of pinning once a week 1cc of each for 10 weeks.

    supps: creatine, fish oil, multi, n.o., liver support, eca, and zma before bed.

    pct: liver suport, fish oil, multi, and powerlab post cycle. continuing n.o.pre work out, & creatine post workout.

    cardio: every day in am for 30 minutes.

    5:20am cup coffe then run 30 minutes
    6:10am protein shake, multi, fish oil, liver support & cup of cranberry juice
    8:00am cup of oats, & 3 egg whites w water
    10:00am protein shake w/fiber
    12:00pm turkey, swiss on whole wheat, water,& fish oil, eca, glocosomine w/ msm
    2:00pm protein shake w/ super food mix its a veggie and fruit powder, & fiber
    4:00pm protein bar w/ water
    from 8am-4pm i drink 8 bottles of water 2 of them i use to mix protein
    4:30 pre workout n.o., & amino tab
    6:30 post work out creatine, glutamine, casein shake w/fiber & complex card scoop, and amino tab
    during training i drink at least 2 bottles of water
    8:00pm 6-8oz chicken breast and veggie w/ a cup of cranberry juice.

    training split: 3 days on 2 off
    day1 pull: back & bi's
    day2 push: delt's, chest, & tri's
    day3 legs & abs
    with a 10 minute cardio warm up

    Please i can use all the help i can get any suggestions on diet training anything pease let me know. Thanks in advance

  2. u need to replace 90% of those shakes and protein bars with chicken or ground beef and veggies.

    also, 275mg/week of test is very very low, i know ur cutting, but id up the dose higher for the sole purpose of holding on to muscle. as for the tren, if its tren ACE then u HAVE to pin way around that. if u use the tren u need to also run HCG.

    and u also need a SERM for PCT

  3. yeah you definately need clomid and nolva for your pct....if you go with that pct you might never gets the testies going again.

    and also if you going for a cut i would start with 30 mins once a day and work my way to 45 mins after a week...then do morning cardio 30 mins and another session after the gym for 30...keep increasing so your body doesnt get used to it and keeps burning fat.

    if i do 30 mins a day i wouldnt really loose too much if i was really looking to loose fat i would continually increase cardio times and diet...

  4. The tren i have is quality vet trembolona 75 do i have to do eod & how many cc & how much should i take of the androphen. Sorry if they are stupid question just want to do this right. and what dosage do i use of nolva and if u know any sites to get it from. I greatly appreciate your help. as far as diet and cardio consider it done. Thanks again

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