Superdrol NG what to do?

  1. Superdrol NG what to do?

    Hey Guys This is my first post here and I came to this site to find the right answers. I have bought superdrol NG which I found out not to be as hard as the original Superdrol. The guy who sold it to me told me that Gaspari's Novedex Xt would be a good enough PCT for this superdrol... which didnt make sense but there was nothing else at his store that I could see so i bought it...

    I then went to another store and got some Estrodex by SANS hoping that would be enough.

    Now as you could probably tell this is my first cycle ever of a PH or even a test booster. I am 27 and have been lifting for a few years and looking to make some extra gains.

    Would these things work if I put them together? Or am I way off? I understand the concept of a PCT but from all the forums and research I have done, superdrol NG doesnt seem like that big of a deal, It sounds like its like LG sciences methyl-1d. I dont want Gyno soooo it would be nice to get some straight facts on what I should do.

    Oh yea I have Milk Thistle also, altho my liver doesnt look like its in any danger with this... Now If these all can work can someone help me put this together please?

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    SDNG is a very mild ph but a very intense stim. My advice to you would be to get something else to run as a cycle and just use the SDNG as a pre-wo stim, 1-2 caps about an hour pre. I use it on a Mass FX cycle and dosed only pre-wo, a PCT is not really necessary at this low dose.

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