Pre cycle bloodwork *** HELP***

  1. Pre cycle bloodwork *** HELP***

    I am wanting to get pre cycle bloodwork done..

    where do I go about getting the bloodwork done?

    I have called the DR. office but they want reasoning.

    any advice/help?

  2. telll them you are feeling lethargic or something that resembles a side of low Test

  3. is there anywhere else to go to get it done is basically what I'm asking???

    I was just wondering how you guys go about getting the tests done.

    where to get it done?

    if I can go to a seperate clinic and pay to have it done without a Dr's order.

  4. Look for an Any Lab Test franchise.

    or ZRT labs, where you can mail in blood or saliva samples.

  5. Shiot man i think i have it easy, my Dr. is a friend so its Kaiser tests for free(no copay) and not just test levels but everything. hope that pre, during, and post cycle bloodwerk, will help me fine tune my cycles



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