Hey guys

    so right now i am 6'2 and about 227lbs

    I'm planning on running a new cycle in about a month or so but i don't want to put on a ton of noticeable weight lol?? its sounds messed up but i want to kind of keep it on the down low lol

    so I'm wondering what stuff i people would suggest i incorporate into this cycle??

    i was thinking maybe EQ because it takes a while to make gains mixed with stanzolol depot to get tons of strength and stay lean/dry??

    i also have left over epistane and dbol from before

    All advice welcome!!


  2. test/dbbol

  3. lol wow straight to the point

    my experience with test tells me someone will notice when i put on 10 lbs in a week lol

    thanks tho

  4. primo and var

  5. primo is a injectable right and anavar is oral

  6. (dbol and test)
    he said he doesnt want to blow up? why would you give this advice?

  7. primo and var are good depending on you bank roll bro var can cost up to 200-400 per 100tabs if its legit, and primo is about 15-20$ per 1mg amp so do the math my brother.
    my suggestion is a simple one and old saying "A CYCLE AINT A CYCLE WITHOUT TEST BRO" i would recomend this:
    igf-lr3 4wks 5 days on 2 off? option #1
    test prop 100mg eod or e3d for 6-12 wks
    masteron 100mg eod or e3d same as above
    PCT's to follow
    this is just a couple options bro thers a million ways to go?
    good luck brother

  8. i never thought of test p EOD thats a good idea actually

    thanks dude

  9. Prop and hdrol would be pretty nice bro

    Igf is also a great idea however a safer and less expensive would be nutrient partitioners. Not as effective but do serve its purpose with selective receptor sensitivity

  10. Can you quantify your goals please? To me, gaining as little as 5lbs in 1 month is noticeable.

    In my experience the only time people suspect you are juicing is when you are bloated. Use an AI all the way throughout, and you shall not have a problem keeping it on the down low.


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