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  1. Originally posted by Chemo
    Congatulations on another successful bulking cycle and the courtesy to share your experiences with others. Be sure to keep this updated as your post cycle continues.

    18 pounds (first cycle, T-1 Pro) + 15 pounds (second cycle, T-1) = 33 pounds! You are a bulking monster

    I don't **** around, boss!

  2. Nelson
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    Training Routine

    Great threads Scotty.
    Lots of useful info.
    What was your training routine like for both cycles?
    And how did you alter your training during post-cycle?

  3. Training on was about 14-16 sets per group. Off cycle, switched to max ot.

  4. Perhaps you already stated in this thread the dosing you were using on both cycles but I did not see it. What was dosing with the T1 and the T1 Pro and how much(1/2 bottle whole bottle) did you use for each cycle?

  5. Used 1/2 bottle of T1 pro. Used 2 bottles of T1.

  6. So if my calculations are correct you were using a lot more PH on your T1 cycle. Using the Dosing sticky I calculated the weekly absorbption rate, assuming that each cycle was 4 weeks long.
    1st cycle - T1 Pro(1/2 bottle) - 467mg 1-test and 233mg 4AD
    2nd cycle - T1(2 bottles) - 932 mg 1-Test and 1868 mg 4AD

    Does this look correct?

  7. I believe it's incorrect. On the T1 cycle, I think it was 333mg 1 test and 667mg 4ad/day

  8. woo... 1gram 1 test, 2g 4ad... damn scotty, you more hardcore than I thought

  9. I think that is about right. You posted the actual amount applied in my post it what was actually asbsorbed, well absortion estimated using the sticky posted by curt. At any rate that looks like you are hardcore Comming soon my T1 Pro results. Finish up in two days and I will post my results and opinions next week. I think that it will supprise a few around here.


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