E-Stane (solo) 4 Week Cycle

  1. E-Stane (solo) 4 Week Cycle

    I am new here on the board (bet you heard that a thousand times before) and I am looking for some opinions on the dosing protocol for this cycle. I have heard many good things about E-Stane so I am going to give it a go for a short term cycle (4 weeks) and see how I react to it.

    My Stats:
    Age: 29
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 291lbs
    BF%: 23% (Tanita hand held)
    Years Lifting: 5+
    Best Lifts:
    Deadlift: 550x5
    Bench: 315x6
    Squat: 405x20 (used bench for a touch and go)
    12" Log: 255x5
    Previous PH Experience:
    Mag10 circa 2003 (loved it)
    Methyl 1-Test circa 2004? (aborted cycle after 2 weeks due to kidney pains)
    CEL H-Drol dosed at 20/30/40/40 crica recent (no noteable effects or gains, probably under dosed/under ate)

    The dosing protocol I am looking to use for E-Stane is: 20/30/40/40 (Wk1-4)

    - Can anyone comment if this would be sufficient dosing for my bodyweight/low level of PH experience?

    I will be using Cycle Asst and Fish Oil during the cycle, then Novedex and P.C.T for post cycle.

    My diet is appx 4,000 cals a day using a 40/40/20 split.

    Training is 2 Gym days (5/3/1 (2 day split) protocol), 1 Event day and some short cardio sessions thrown in here and there.

    Goals: Increase in strength, possible loss of love handles, but mostly increase in strength.

    Possible negs: (1) I tend to hold alot of water, and depending on reaction, I may end up holding even more water - even though I haven't read of many people having water retention issues with this product, it's a possiblity. (2) I have bouts of anxiety every now and then but usually dissipate quickly, they typically happen after very tough, prolonged workouts.

    Anyway, if anyone has any feedback, I would appreciate it.

  2. PCT is the MOST MOST MOST important part. i'd run it longer too, 5-6 weeks. and with bf like that i'd actually recommend cutting down to mid teens before even starting a cycle with some ECAs, low carbs, and maybe some IGF lr3.

  3. You'll def have to log it, I'm doing an Epi / Tren cycle in about a month, so I am interested to see how the E-Stane works for you!

    Personally, I think you should start it at 30/40/40/50

    Check out other cycles on here, some guys dosed it pretty high. I would start with the 30, then go 40mg, and see how your body reacts, your body may react well with 60mg/day. Personally I think you should stack it with another PH so you don't have to dose it so high. Tren will lean you out while still getting the muscle you want. Just something to look into, that's what I'm going for on my upcoming cycle.

  4. I am going to be starting the cycle next week (just getting the diet in order this week) and I will keep an intermittent log on here to let everyone know how it goes. Thanks for the advice! I think I'll pick up a bottle of the tren before the ban comes, I have heard of it having leaning properties and I could definetly use that.

    Current Status:
    Weight - 287lbs
    BF - 20%

  5. 6' 2" 287 at 20% bf, you sound like a train, lol!

  6. Thanks Torres - my ultimate goal is to be closer to 275 at a much lower bf% like around 15%. I feel it would benefit me overall in speed and dynamic events.

    Ok Guys, here is what's going on. Started my first dose today did 20 mg in one shot with some fish oil during mid afternoon. Felt a bit of a headache come on and got some sweaty palms but not too bad. I think I am going to try the pulsing method for this cycle as I am still treading lightly due to me not wanting to trigger an anxiety attack of some sort.

    The diet today came in at:
    Cals Fat Carbs Prot
    Total 4,084 85.1 406.5 321.3

    Tomorrow the workout will be: Dead Variations, High Rep Squats, Sled Sprints
    Calories will be closer to 5000 with an attempt to keep my fat the same if not lower.

    I will see how this dosing protocol makes me feel:

    Pre-W/O: 20 mg E-Stane
    PWO: 10 mg E-Stane
    Before Bed: 10 mg E-Stane

    Non Workout days: LivCare 2x a day

    As a side note, I have 2 bottles of MAG10 hanging out in the back of my fridge, I have enough to do a double dose for 2 weeks - would this be a good add on? Or would it be considered overkill?

    Any and all opinions are welcome! Thanks for reading.

  7. I'm on a 4 week solo E-stane cycle right now myself. At 5'6" 165 I started at 30 mg/ day. you might want to bump that up big guy. Actually I'm running 30/40/30/30. The third week I bring in Formestane in an effort to keep things dry.

    From what I can tell from the users in the CEL section of this board, E-stane took a while to kick in with lower doses. Some users reported no gains from thier 4 week cycles. With in my first week I can feel noticable gains in strength and recovery time.

  8. Quick Update!

    Bodyweight: 289
    BF%: 21

    Calories have been on the low side, haven't been hungry.

    W/O #1

    Back Squat - worked up to 500x3 (raw of course)
    C.G. Bench Press/BB Row - 5x5x295 (strict form)
    Sled Pull - 400lbs+ for 3 very fast harnessed sprints

    W/O #2 - Conditioning

    "The Magic 55" via Dan John

    Full Thruster/Hip Swing Contraption - 135lbs/75lbs

    Done in about 15 minutes but man that kicked my butt

    W/O #3

    Events tomorrow.

    Overall I haven't felt anything yet to be honest and I am thinking I should have possibly started this cycle at a higher dose or gave myself more time to do it. Regardless I'll run it out and see how it goes!

  9. Training went easy breezy yesterday despite getting some food poisoning that just ruined me all day and night long on saturday. Still not sure if it has kicked or not however I am starting to experience a "nervous" type feeling in the afternoons. I am not sure if this is correlating to the hormonal fluctuations of the epistane or what. IF that is the case I will discontinue my use and begin PCT. Another option might be the pulse method, treating the PH as a general supplement to take before and after workouts only.

    Anyway, BW/BF% the same.

  10. If it is due to the PH, try to dose only 10mg pre-WO and take a pre workout supp with it and see if that helps. Don't stop if that is what's causing it. How high are you dosing each day now? Still 40?

    I got food poisoning on my tren/epi bulk at the beginning of this year, and I hated life for 3 days, it ruined my gains at the most detrimental part of my cycle, mid 3rd week of a 4 week cycle!

    Good Luck and hope you are feeling better! I'm sure your calories are still a lil low since you just got food poisoning this weekend. What caused it?


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