1T/4AD Transdermal, m5aa

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by candle25
    30min-1hr before wo is good. Start out at 30mg and go up if you don't feel it working.
    how high can I go up? I thought anymore than 30mg was a no-no.

  2. Well what I have seen is that either it is simmilar to creatine where some people are responsive to it and others aren't, or the dose needs to be raised for people with more body weight. I had a few people test it for me. Subject 1 was 190lbs and 20yrs old. At 30mg he hardly felt anything (although I think he was expecting too much). Subject 2 was 230lbs and 39yrs old. He said that he could tell a difference at 30mg but raised it to 40mg and got better results. I personaly went with 30mg, but I only weigh 180lbs. Sledge would be a good person to talk to about this. Try PMing him or search to se what you can find on the topic. The aformentioned testes were just something that I did.

  3. You ran the M5aa during pct...did that not affect your recovery at all?

  4. that's what I was wondering.. well when I think about it isn't M5AA a precursor to DHT? and not anything that would effect testosterone levels? I don't see why it couldn't be run through pct.. but I am probably wrong.. I think I asked this before..

    as for me taking 40mgs it's only because the caps are 20mgs a piece.. 30 would likely do it for me =P but the bottle does state do not take more than 40mgs a day.. so i'm still following instructions =P

  5. As far as I could tell the m5aa had no effect on my recovory. I was taking alot of nolva though. I had no blood work done so anyhting I could contribute regarding m5aa & PCT would be purely opinion. If it had any effect it wasn't noticable.

  6. Hey Candle, good job on the cut in body fat. From 16% down to the single digits! That's my goal either by mid-summer, or next year. I just need to decide what I want.

  7. Thanks bro. Cutting is the easy part of bodybuilding for me. It is bulking that is difficult. I'm really fighting genetics to be bigger. Now that I have a better understanding of diet and the biochemical functions of the body I think I'll see much better progress.


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