Looking to run a cycle of Liquidrone (liquid 19-nor-estra). This would be my first Cycle of any PH, is it to strong for a first?

Stats: age 31, height 5’ 11” weight 180. Lifting for two years.
Goal: To add lean LB’s. (a tren like product should be good for this?)

If I run it. I plan on doing so at dosage recommended for 4-6 weeks.
Here’s what I have planed for the cycle input would be great.
Should I stack it with something for Lethargy and libido.

Hawthorn berry (pre loaded)
Saw Palmetto (pre loaded)
Milk thistle: (pre loaded, during and PCT)- should I take w or w/o liquidrone?
Vit: C, D, Calcium, B-complex, Zinc, Magnesium,
Fish oil.

Aromx (does it need to be tapered)
Bioforge or activate Extreme or CEL PCT assist?
Along with supporting supplements.

So what do you think any good?