cutting cycle : any opinions welcome

  1. cutting cycle : any opinions welcome

    IA 3/wk + 3 x 45min bike
    3000 kcals/day 50/20/30 basically
    6' 4"
    week 1-2 nordiol transderm 600mg/day + 1,4ad transderm 357mg/day

    week 3-4 m5aa + 1,4ad transderm 357mg/day

    week 5-6 m5aa + 1-test transderm 400mg?/day

  2. nordiol gives me a great "feeling of well-being", aggression is up,
    appetite seems to be way up too. maybe the 1,4 ad. makes it a little tougher to diet! i can handle it, my goals are by far the most important thing now. don't know if the 2 weeks on 1-test is a decent idea at all. just used big cats cycle modified slightly.

  3. 1,4ad and nordiol could cause some significant shut down.

  4. yeah, i'm expecting that... any suggestions? i was thinking maybe 10mg m1t/day instead of the 1-test transderm. it gave me good results before, but that stuff shut me down for a full 3 weeks or more. so many choices!

  5. got some methyldien coming next week. if i don't want to stack methyls, maybe i could do 1-test transderm with the m5aa. i just don't know enough about this to design a good cycle with so many variations available. like i said, i was using big cat's cycle modified with 1-test instead of 1ad. thanks for any experienced ideas.

  6. What type of cardio intensity wise?
    Interval training on a bike is a fun and a nice alternative to just regular riding.

  7. just doing 45 minutes recumbent bike @ approx. 120bpm 3-4 times a week

  8. i know this cycle probably seems "antiquated", everyone's doin the methyl thang. how would 1-test transderm do with the m5aa? maybe i should start up some 1-test next week.maybe a lil lethargy, it doesn't bother me that much. are there any probs between the dht(m5aa) & the 1-test?

  9. No, no problems.

  10. thanks sifu, i am reading profiles of individual "steroids" & trying to apply it to similar precursors, but it still seems like a shot in the dark.

  11. anyway, 4th week in. 1-test @ 500+ mg/day (lethargy just doesn't hit that hard)1.4ad 350mg/day (all i have in stock!) approx. 10mg m5aa pre-train. dropped under 2500 kcals/day to speed up the fat loss. i want to lose 2 lbs/week. i'm going to stay "on" until i hit solid 10% dammit. few more lbs to go...


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