Need Help getting Deca out of glass vial

  1. Need Help getting Deca out of glass vial

    I just received my cycle and the deca are in these 1ml mushroom lookin glass vials. How the hell do I get it out? There's no rubber top like the bigger 10ml vials.

  2. haha - yeah its strange the first time you get those, huh? You gotta break the top but not the bottom. There are a few methods I find work well. 1) Put the very tip of the vial in a drawer while holding the bottom, then slam the drawer shut, 2) Push increasingly more forcefully on the tip of the top of the vial until the vial snaps at the neck (this is the weakest point), 3) Use a pair of pliers to crush the top of the vial. Method 2 is the best if you can get it down but unfortunately you usually crush one completely before getting it right. There is another option that works every time.... go to the pharmacy and tell them your veterinarian prescribed something for your horse but you dont know how to get it out of the vial. Ask them to move all the vial contents to a rubber septum vial.

  3. I like the pharmacy option Crazy but I have one question. Does Nandrolone Decanoate and horses have anything in common since the vials shows Nandrolone Decanoate on them. Don't wanna look like a dumb ass when I go in. Lol.

  4. hmm now I want to know what these look like as i'm guessing not standard amps

  5. I'll post a pic in 20mins

  6. Pic Attached

    Pic Attached.

    The color is consistent with the Deca I took my last cycle.
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  7. those are normal amps. if that white line at the narrowest point is just paint then all you should need to do is score it with a nailfile. then put the wrapper from the alcohol wipe on the top, hold the bottom in your other hand and bend. if the white line is rough texture it might be prescored

  8. Just get a paper towel and grab the top and snap it off.. They're designed to snap of easily. I heard of people sticking the top into a bic pen cap and then snapping it. lol don't take it to a pharmacy.. that's a bad idea

  9. yeah, just score it with something like a nail file and snap the top off.

  10. they do look like standard amps so you shouldnt have a problem but the pharm techs will either do it or they wont, you wouldnt get in trouble or anything. I'm in the field so I know plenty of pharm techs. They do it all the time for people, it is part of standard training and usually they don't even look at what the med is if the patient brings it in. They just transfer it, no questions asked. But, yeah.... they probably just snap right off for you, thats what i do despite knowing techs who cld do it for me.
    Back.... for real this time

  11. if you have a septum vial and you dont want to worry about this twice a week then you could just snap all the vials and transfer them all.
    Back.... for real this time

  12. you can get an amp breaker online at certain places, that we cant discuss on here but google is a great help

    i dont deal with amps because ive seen too many things happen bad breaks, cut hand glass in amp

    i personally stay away


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