FIRST CYCLE - decavol

  1. FIRST CYCLE - decavol

    hey all, im thinking of starting my first cycle.

    I'm about 170lbs of LBM. 9% bf. 5ft 7.

    bench 275
    deadlift 335
    squat 315

    IM THINKING OF DOING DECAVOL by AMS for maybe a 3 week bridge into havoc for another 3 weeks. Reason being that my friend has done the injectable deca and he loved it! He for sure recomends it to me. The other PH i was thinking of starting out on is epi, or maybe even bold. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU ALL THINK? Hows the feedback on decavol?

  2. Complete difference bwt inj and ams verson... Look at hdrol or havoc/epi

  3. I don't think DecaVol is very popular, so not as many logs/threads as there are for the others...

  4. i would be interested. I have seen people enjoy decavol who have used it, just not many have used it.
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