M-Drol pulsing and Test prop short a$$ cycle

  1. M-Drol pulsing and Test prop short a$$ cycle

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    M-Drol pulsing and Test prop short a$$ cycle


    I am back and ready for War.lol. I am going to do an experiment on myself with Test prop and M-drol. Now I will do a front load of 300mg of test prop the first day and run 150 mg eod for 4 wks with M-drol for 4 wks at 20 mg only on workout days M/W/F/S/T/ ( so day on day off) with first workout in the morning 10mg and second workout in the evening 10mg. ( I will split my workouts to only be in the gym 45min at a time and eat in between. I have 50lbs of protein coming in the mail. Then I will pct with Nolva, first day 80mg, first wk 40mg and last 3 wks 20 for 4 wks. I will also take proviron 25 mg throughout. After pct do 1 more 4wks cycle then 4 wks pct with hcg two wks before pct beginning begins.

    My reason is to see if short cycles work better with less sides. Also to keep gains more consistent and less harsh on the body. I think this is a chance for everyone to see if this works or not. Any feed back guys on what you think.

    I posted this last night in the wrong section, I have also edited a fee sentences to correct my wrongs.lol. Good suggestions from some people are welcome and any replies from my previous thread I Thank you.

  2. No comments guys

  3. Interested to see how it goes. Why are you doing two workouts a day though? Is it two weight training sessions or is one of them strictly cardio? Good luck

  4. first workout morning EXAMPLE chest with weights, second evening push-ups. My recovery will be faster and I want to shock the f ck out of my body. I may use suspension as suggested in another post to me

  5. Yeah you're right, your recovery will be faster, but not to any tremendous degree. Since you are bulking i would just do one resistance workout and focus on eating. I think just the introduction of androgens is a pretty big shock to your muscles. Thats just me and based on my own experience. Good luck. Ill be following along.

  6. Thanks for the reply, I once read an article how germans where training have the routine in the am and the other pm. I figure if I'm not going all the way then why go at all.lol

  7. i know this is an old thread.. but if your still with am... howd this cycle turn out?


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