EQ-Plex/Epi or EQ-Plex/Pmag anyone have any experiece with results and side

  1. EQ-Plex/Epi or EQ-Plex/Pmag anyone have any experiece with results and side

    Hi all

    Am looking at starting a Eq-Plex/Epi cycle or Eq-Plex/Pmag cycle.

    Not many posts on this site regarding these combos.

    Anyone with experience care to shed some light on them, the results expected and sides.

    My main goal is to put size on and retain it after PCT.
    About myself
    Train 6 days a week
    215lbs, 15%bf, 6ft,
    PH experience : One cycle of hdrol over 1 year ago.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

  2. I haven't used either but am interested in your results.
    Are you keeping a log here?

  3. will log results!!

    I will keep a log. But am looking to get some feed back first from other guys, so i can maximise the doses and work out what is "supposed" to be happening on it.

    Ordering the stack soon, once i get it all will start a detailed log.

  4. so bold and epi sounds nice.

    I would run bold and epi bridge 3 weeks each

  5. The EQ-Plex (1,4) is an older PH and supposedly works best when dosed at about 1g every day, and for about 8 weeks. You'll need about 5 bottles of EQ-Plex.
    If you reduce dosing to 800mg daily, and since you're stacking, you may be able to get similar results. You'll need about 4 bottles of EQ-Plex.

    Too bad 1,4 is on the FDA warning list...

    There are a few logs floating around here of people who have used CEL EQ-Plex, try PMing those people if you don't get answers in this thread.

  6. I ran a 6/8 week Hdrol/EQ-Plex cycle. I have my opinions in my summer stack thread.

  7. Thanks silver surfer for the advice and help. Will Pm people around.

    Read your review Harry....didnt seem though as you had a strict diet, that can effect gains greatly..

  8. Any luck finding info for your cycle?

    One other thing to cosider is the potential competition for receptors since according to a thread here at AM, with references to the original thread at T-Nation, indicate that Bold (EQ-Plex) and Epi are both Class I, meaning they both bind to the androgen receptor: Need help distinguishing Class I from Class II

    I don't know where P-Mag is on the list, but if I were to guess I'd say it is a Class II since it is similar to H-Drol... Someone with more knowledge please chime in


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