I am in the final stages of preparation for my first cycle. After months of study, I have a regiment that, I believe, is suitable. If you have criticisms about the cycle itself, please let me know your thoughts; otherwise, I have some specific questions I'd like to pose.

Wks 1-8 : Test-E 200mg on Wed/Sat (400mg/wk)
Wks 3-10 : HCG 500IU/wk (Preferably 250 on each Wed/Sat)
Wks 11-14 : Nolva 40/40/20/20

This is a simple, straightforward cycle.

The primary questions revolve around HCG. It is the view of some, that an 8-12 week cycle of only Test-E does not warrant the use of HCG - even at over 400mg/wk. HCG comes with its own inherent risks, of course, but I want to know if anyone feels it will do more harm than good in a cycle such as this. It is inexpensive to acquire and I would like to use it during my cycle if it will be worthwhile. Your thoughts?

Is Wed/Sat too frequent for HCG injections? I would like to do E5D instead of the Wed/Sat split, but if I am able to combine the Test and HCG into one injection on those days, it would be an easier, less often way to administer them. Does anyone have a strong preference for the 2times/wk-split or E5D? Also, is it a poor decision to want to mix Oil-based injections and Water-based injections in the same syringe?

Finally, is 400mg TestE/wk too little. Many threads say that 400/wk for a first-time use is going to have great results; others say just to start at 500/wk. Would upping the dosage be a good idea?