Tren-P-plex Or Epi-M14add

  1. Tren-P-plex Or Epi-M14add

    23 yrs old
    190-2 lbs
    5 years of training

    Goals: I am looking to drop some body fat and possibly gain a good 5-10lbs. Tren is by far my favorite ph of all time, but shuts me down pretty hard. Although i am curious about this new stack with epi/m14add. (m14e) I have a pretty solid diet and a really strict training program. I am looking for some advice on what would work best.

  2. Zoom, does anyone run the tren-epi? I looked around the boards, but nothing. Just wondering, maybe the coumpounds are counter productive 2gether, or I thought if you were gonna run a compound like tren, that has high gyno risks and such sides, and then theres the epi with its gyno "fighting" capabilities. Im still teaching myself about theses things, alot of reading, and sum of it very confusing, but it would seem like a no Brainer to run the epi sum tyme after any compound that was "treating ya bad". Or maybe not?...

  3. If your looking for a recomp I like epi with hdrol. Ran epi with tren it was nice stack 10lbs 4 wks with massive strength gains, but not the recomp effect as the above stack. If you are looking to lean out wouldnt look at m14ad cause it's a "dbol" ph, which def for bulking.

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