H drol and SUPERDROL together?

  1. H drol and SUPERDROL together?

    Ok, I dont know if thats stupid or not, and thats why I am here asking. I just started H drol and plan on running it 6 weeks @ 50-75-75-75-75-75 but I also have a bottle of Superdrol that I was planning on saving for another cycle in the future. However what if I ran it at 10-20-20 the last 3 weeks with the H drol?

  2. its been done. there is a combo product that contains both, but not at the dosage u want to use. if u were to stack, id stick to 10mg superdrol for 3 weeks

  3. yeah... 3 week Superdrol kickstart to a 6 week Hdrol cycle... Hdrol needs a solid dose.

    my thinking

    SD 10/20/20
    HD 75/75/75/100/100/100

    but certainly most people don't need Hdrol that high. And staying at 10mg of SD is a fine idea, it still gets the job done.
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  4. Personally I would use them as 2 different cycles. Hdrol never put much in me... More recomp/cut. But some report nice gains with it. Deffinately 75-100mg. Cyclle need to atleast be 6 wks due to slow kickin. I think 1,4ad and hdrol would make a nice stack. Yes it takes a while to kick in but gains should be very solid and easily managable. Did run epi and hdrol on a recomp and got crazy cut up with nice strength increase.

  5. What it I ran the SD the LAST 3 weeks? Vs the first?

  6. Isnt Epi the same thing as HAVOC? and isnt it banned? I dont see it anywhere....


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