Becoming Spawn while using Spawn. (Cycle Log)

  1. Becoming Spawn while using Spawn. (Cycle Log)

    This is my first PH Cycle.

    Using : Myogenix Spawn - 3 a day for 4 weeks.
    Competitive Edge Labs : Cycle Assist.
    Omega 3's Fish Oil.
    ON 100% Whey.
    ON Pro Complex (Not Gainer) Post Workout.
    UPS Labs Powerfull : 3 at night before bed.

    PCT : Nolva 40/40/40/35/35
    Cycle Assist.
    Same Proteins.
    Low Test Booster. Not sure which one yet, Any recommendations?

    This was yesterday.

    Day 1: Back and Bi's.

    Woke up took my first spawn in the morning kind of noticed an effect probably placebo but, I worked out and hit higher reps than I normally do. I noticed I went for a lot longer too. Ate about 3500 Calories. Lean meats, Shakes, Ezekiel Bread. I noticed towards the end of the day I started feeling sluggish after my 3rd dose. I felt agitated and irritable but not aggressive. Took my melotonen and powerfull fell asleep like a baby. First time my back and bi's were that sore in along time though so I guess thats a good sign.

  2. Oh by the way. I started this cycle at 6'2 192. Today I weighed 194

    Day 2: Chest

    Took my spawn in the morning as usual went to the gym. I usually bench around 175-180 7-8 reps. Today I was reppin 185 10 reps consistently. I felt extremely good in the morning when I was working out. I've been kind of sweating all day long and its not that hot so im figuring its from Spawn. Today I consumed 3500 Calories. 300 grams of protein.
    I feel pretty good right now. Through out the day I was getting kind of down, seeing hot girls definitely puts me in a better mood so I went to the mall today. I have a lot more confidence on Spawn too for some reason and today I feel stronger than I ever have, so I guess its starting to kick in.

  3. hey where are you at now?

  4. bump for update

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