Can I start the one this sunday?

  1. Can I start the one this sunday?

    So, I got a fairly good deal at a local supplement shop on "The One" w/second gear. I am currently taking Prime and Novdex XT. Can I halt the novedex and start the One on sunday? Would there be anyissue with this? I am gonna do a detailed log when I run it (which I'm hoping is sunday) so all help is appreciated. I do have experience in the past with ph's and have done several cycles so I'm well aware of what I need on cycle and for PCT.

  2. that is fine

  3. Isnt prime just some Tribulus product? lol

    Novedex has ATD, which binds tightly to the androgen receptors...And that makes steroids less effective.

    So, I would wait until the ATD is out of you system...Not sure what the half life of ATD is. Probably just a few hours so dont worry.

  4. Awesome! Been about a year since my last PH cycle so I'm definately look forward to this! Got all my support sups and I will grab drive and igf to add to PCT. I WILL log this starting sunday under cycle info so stay tuned.

  5. pm me with any questions. good luck



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