Can I start the one this sunday?

  1. Can I start the one this sunday?

    So, I got a fairly good deal at a local supplement shop on "The One" w/second gear. I am currently taking Prime and Novdex XT. Can I halt the novedex and start the One on sunday? Would there be anyissue with this? I am gonna do a detailed log when I run it (which I'm hoping is sunday) so all help is appreciated. I do have experience in the past with ph's and have done several cycles so I'm well aware of what I need on cycle and for PCT.

  2. that is fine
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  3. Isnt prime just some Tribulus product? lol

    Novedex has ATD, which binds tightly to the androgen receptors...And that makes steroids less effective.

    So, I would wait until the ATD is out of you system...Not sure what the half life of ATD is. Probably just a few hours so dont worry.

  4. Awesome! Been about a year since my last PH cycle so I'm definately look forward to this! Got all my support sups and I will grab drive and igf to add to PCT. I WILL log this starting sunday under cycle info so stay tuned.

  5. pm me with any questions. good luck
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