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  1. Come on man keep it coming.

  2. Have some bad news to report. I just typed a long ass response and when I tried to submit the message it didn't go through and I lost it. Anyways to make it short the cycle came to a hault after the first 4 weeks. Once I dropped the M1,4add and was using just the test dermal it sucked. I didn't gain anything even after consuming more calories and having an extra protein shake. I don't know what the hell happened. Anyways my dosing must have been off a bit cause I ran out around the 9th week which didn't really bother me cause I wasn't seeing any results. The M5-AA has definately allowed me to keep most of my gains and strength as of now and I will start PCT in 2 days. I am down to about 207 so this whole cycle has given me about a 10 LBM increase which is decent. I was hoping for much more but what more can you ask for when you not pinning. My next cylce will definately be injectables. The amount of test that you would have to apply to see decent results would be ridiculous and very expensive. In my opinion the only way to do it is to inject. If you have any other questions feel free to message me.



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