H-drol + E-form: First timer

  1. H-drol + E-form: First timer

    So here we go, my first cycle. I've been doing a lot of research and I think I'm content on my Plan:

    CEL H-drol 75-100mg 4-6 weeks (I know. 75 might be high for a first timer.)
    Formestane 40-100mg TD (No previous experience )

    Post Cycle:

    Primordial Performance Total Recovery Stack
    USPs Bulk Powerfull

    (I know there's no SERM. H-drol isn't known for countless shutdowns and I
    do know it can be suppressive, but I'm willing to test Primordials claims on this.)


    Anabolic Innovations Cycle Support
    Omega 3's
    Bulk USP Cissus
    AST Multi32


    P90X (JOKING!)

    Monday - Chest and Back
    Tuesday - HIIT Training
    Wednesday - Arms and Shoulders
    Thursday - HIIT Training
    Friday - Legs and Back
    Saturday - Stretching / easy HIIT / Rest
    Sunday - Rest

    Focused on a 3 up, 1 or 3 down.

    I've modeled this after celcs log...all you cats in on celcs log (prelude, neo, bigt, ecto) make that log a good read. Measurements and more to come!

    Comments, Concerns, Complaints, Criticism...ITS ALL WELCOMED!

  2. STATS


    27 years old
    5' 7"
    165 lbs
    >20% Body Fat (Navy measurements and age chart)

    10+ Years Lifting Experience

    14.5" Arms
    15" Neck
    40" Chest
    35" Waist
    41" Hip
    21" Thighs
    15" Calves

    Pics to come?

    ...might wait until the end of cycle.
    Last edited by zude; 07-28-2009 at 10:07 PM. Reason: Forgot BF percentage

  3. DAY 1 & 2

    NSTR (Nothing Serious to Report)
    (except workout was super sweaty.)

    Things noticed:

    Elevated Mood
    Slept like CRAP

    Read about dosing within 6 hours of bed or raised blood pressure may be possible causes.

    Will dose before 6 hour window along with some CoQ10.

  4. what is Eform?

  5. It's a name given to Formestane that's dosed transdermally (TD).

    Remove the spaces:

    anabolicminds . com/forum/supplement-articles/68467-neoborns-formestane-eform . html

    ww w. nutraplanet . com/product/nutraplanet/formestane-powder-5-gram . h tml

    ww w. nutraplanet . com/product/nutraplanet/penetrate-8oz-8-oz . h tml

  6. DAY 3 & 4

    Well I can feel the formestane lowering my estrogen levels: feeling super lethargic after i dose.

    75mg h-drol
    100mg formestane (50mg after morning shower; 50mg after evening shower)

    -feeling some bloat
    -more aggressive during workouts
    -fantastic mood

    No noticeable changes in my physical appearance, but they say week 3 is the week to look out for.

    I started taking some omega 3's and some CoQ10 with my h-drol. Been sleeping like baby.
  7. DAY 5,6 & 7

    75 mg h-drol
    100mg eform

    Decided to do
    2 days on, 5 days off sustain alpha (6 pumps).

    MAN!! I'm enjoying this quite a bit. Muscle hardness is up. Strength is climbing. Sustain Alpha is pretty awesome. Faint smell like garlic, no biggee.

    Today was chest and biceps. Real simple. Bench, Incline, Dips and some curls. Pump was GREAT.

    I'd really like to post my pics. Stay tuned.
  8. WEEK 2

    Steady climb. Strength feels great. Feeling the cardio get easier. Diet isn't perfect:

    cereal or oatmeal in the morn
    slim fast
    sandwich and chips for lunch
    slim fast
    protein drink
    sensible dinner

    Nothing fancy. Just want to see what the drug can change if i stay the same. That's the point right? I'm the control, the drug is the experiment?

    Excited about week 3. HIIT training is getting A LOT easier. Hope it continues and gets better throughout PCT.

    I CANNOT STAND CYCLE SUPPORT. It tastes like crap and I cringe when I think about tasting it. Absolutely hate it...but it works.

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