I need advice on my next cycle

  1. I need advice on my next cycle

    I am about to run a 10-12 week cycle of Test E kick started with SD in the first 4 weeks. Now my question is how much mg of test should I go for. This is my first IM Test E run. I figured 250 weekly should be fine. But some guys insist on at least 500 weekly. Yesterday I blasted my first 250 shot. Should I stay at 250 or taper up to 500? And should I pulse the SD or take it ED? Also Im not quite sure how long to run Test E for? Im going for at least 10 weeks what do you guys think?

    Can you guys help me please?

  2. im planning my first test e cycle, and its going to be 12 weeks long at 500mg with d-bol and 40mg kick start.

    So i would run it atleast 12 weeks at 500mg.

    and do not pulse its dumb IMO.

  3. 10 weeks at 500 would give you good results

  4. 250 will give you some results (it puts you above the top of the chart for human levels), and less side effects from estrogen, particularly on top of superdrol. how long are you planning on running the superdrol?

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