4ad/m5aa 8 week cycle

  1. 4ad/m5aa 8 week cycle

    Losing Fat while maintaining LBM through the use of androgens.
    high volume
    30-50 sets 3xweek
    Primarily dumbells to promote balance
    Kettlebell style with plyos and sprints.
    Hiit boxing 20-30 min 2xweek
    saturday and sunday off
    Portion control 53/42/15
    6 meals ED + postworkout nutrition
    vitamins, saw palmetto, ZMA homebrew

    15% ?
    not enough
    Cycle Plan: 8 weeks
    Week 1-8: 500mg transdermal 4ad + 5-20mg M5AA preworkout on 3 workout days weekly.
    Weeks 9-13 Nolva 40/30/20/10 + 6-oxo (I have a half bottle leftover)

    The dose of m5aa will be determined through the first 2 weeks use starting as low as 5mg.

    I am using 4ad as a base because i want to preserve LBM. Plus it keeps me happy and motivated. I am not worried about bloat during the cycle. Bloat does not hinder my fat burning capabilities, right?

    The m5aa Is a test run and i hope it helps with mental focus during the long grueling workouts 3xweek.
    I may take off from the M5AA and get in a 2-3 week m1t cycle toward the end at 10-15mg ED.

    I start on monday. I figure it will take a while for the 4ad to kick in, so i can judge the m5aa on its own effects and then measure them against the synergystic effect later on.

  2. I think 8 weeks of any methylated compound might be too much for the liver, but you are only running it 3x a week so that might be ok(?) Anyone with the scientific background to comment on this?

    Quote Originally Posted by Yimen E.Cricket
    I am using 4ad as a base because i want to preserve LBM. Plus it keeps me happy and motivated.
    The M5AA will have no problem getting you motivated. I took it for the first time on a leg day (last thursday). An hour after taking it I was on hack squats (after doing squats 455x4 hip breakers) and I was more energetic then when i first got the gym.. So... yea,

    Also, if you trying to lose fat, possibly 5mg of M1t might be suitable for the appetite suppression, low water weight gain, and fast mass increase...

    Either way it looks like you have a hell of a cycle lined up for ya.. keep us posted


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