Sustanon 300 Cycle, First AAS Log

  1. Sustanon 300 Cycle, First AAS Log

    I am 20 ( almost 21) trained for about 5 years, just got done with a fire fighting academy for two weeks which i lost a good fifteen lbs. Brought me down to 175, 12 percent body fat(calipers). I couldn't get it back after a month and a half. So i decided it was a good time to do my first cycle. I need to put muscle on fast for the season. So here we go.

    I am doing a sus only cycle for 8 weeks at 600 mg a week. every tuesday and Friday i am injecting 300 mg due to the short acting esters. I have Nolvadex for my PCT which i will start taking two days after my last injection.

    I did my first shot yesterday so
    Day 1) First injection went clean...
    Day 2) Sore right glute from self injection.

  2. I hope you eat a lot cos you must be damn skinny with those stats. I wouldn't do the cycle if i was you but you're probably set on doing it now. I'm not quite sure you have the dedication to keep any gains you make. That's the hard part. Bulking up on cycle is the easy bit.

  3. Eating 3500-4K a day, 275gs of protien with about 250 grams of carbs with mutli V, Fish oil and milk thistle. And your right i am damn skinny right now. After getting four hours of sleep and pulling all endurance/calorie burning exercises while only ingesting 1700 calories you will lose all the muscle you worked hard to obtain. I need to bulk up again and done have time to do it natty cause season has already started

  4. i dont know how to edit my info under my avatar but thats old

  5. Day 4) Slight increase in pump at gym
    Day 5) muscles feel tighter
    Day 6) 2nd injection of 1cc, completes 600 ml for week.
    Day 7) Pretty large increase in aggression, tight muscles, great pump for gym, first weigh in will be today. Left glute not as sore as right after mild rubbing after injection
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  6. I gained 25 lbs at peak lost ten net gained fifteen.


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