1. Talking ***ROID13's TREN E, TEST E AND DBOL CYCLE!***

    here we go guys. second inject cycle for me....

    last cycle i did i finished in april. my cycle went like this:

    week 1-4: 50mg promagnon-25/day, 600mg EQ, 500mg test E.
    weeks 5-12: 600mg EQ, 500mg test E.
    weeks 13-14: 500mg test E.

    cycle results were very good, i gained 25 pounds of pretty lean muscle, and strength skyrocketed.

    now my 2nd inject cycle will most likley look like this:

    weeks 1-5: 50mg DBOL/day, 750mg test E/week, 300 or 400mg tren E/week (tren dose depends on sides)
    weeks 6-12: 750mg test E, 300 or 400mg tren E per week

    PCT: nolvadex and HCG.

    also, i might add some clen during this cycle (2 weeks on, 2 weeks off) to keep the freakiness level higher then ever, but i havent decided yet.

    little background on myself: 6 feet, 200lbs at about 7% bodyfat..i get up to 225lbs fully bulked...i have competed at the provincial level for 2 years, winning all my classes both years.

    for this cycle iam going to stay around this leanness (7-8% b/f) and hopfully get up to 220-225lbs..once iam done my cycle and i have started PCT iam going to start fully bulking to really have a good chance to keep all my gains (i have the body type to lose gains after iam done a cycle so iam going to try this method to keep my gains)

    iam going to start this cycle sept 1st. anybody has any feedback please post!........

  2. How is this going for you?

  3. Lol I hope he hasn't been on it that long. Look at dates before you post buddy

  4. You running anything on cycle? like adex etc? and you are gonna love tren for sure

  5. Quote Originally Posted by russthebus
    You running anything on cycle? like adex etc? and you are gonna love tren for sure
    This thread is 2 years old !


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