Transdermal Homebrew Fun - First Cycle

  1. Smile Transdermal Homebrew Fun - First Cycle

    I made my first transdermal today and have already started my 8 week cycle.
    The transdermal was easy to make and all powders mixed well. This is an 8 oz or 240ml bottle @ 2ml twice a day for a total of 60 days.

    I Used: 40% Iso Alcohol @ 3.20 oz
    30% Iso Myristate @ 2.40 oz
    10% Oleic Acid @ .80 oz
    10% DMSO @ .80 oz
    8% Propylene Glycol @ .64 oz
    2% D-Limonene @ .16 oz
    8g 4 Androstenediol
    4g 1-Testosterone
    3g 4-HydroxyTestosterone

    My stats are: Age 37
    Height 5'8"
    Weight 173 lbs
    BF% 11-13 w/ Calipers

    I will update weekly on the results I see on this cycle. My nutrition is great. I have been able to maintain my bodyfat where it is at with no cardio. I only train 3 to 4 days a week using a Dorian Yates style of high intensity training.
    Until next week.

  2. That looks great, but don't the HydroxyTest and the 4AD counter-act each other?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by chasec
    That looks great, but don't the HydroxyTest and the 4AD counter-act each other?

  4. hydroxy has been speculated to lessen estrogenic side effects, last i checked thats a good thing.

  5. I think Bobo said they did

  6. 4-OHT will reduce aromitization, but not eliminate it with that amount. Its a trade-off, ,more aromitization to estrogen (slightly greater gains) or less sides (water retention, acne, etc.). Some like it, some think its a waste. I add OHT to all my 4ad transdermals because my I get much less oily skin & acne, & then don't have to worry about running nolva for gyno purposes. I've had good results with it.

  7. sorry i wasn't clearer.
    i meant the hydroxy-test would reduce aromitization, which is part of why you're taking the 4-ad in the first place. just thought that might be a waste. evidently it's not.
  8. Smile

    End of first week of transdermal homebrew cycle. No siginificant change in bodyweight yet. My appetite is going up everyday though. I have increased my daily calories by 200. The transdermal has a slight sting after application but nothing unbearable. I have also added M1T at 5mg per day for the first 4 weeks of the cycle. I take 2.5mg twice per day. I have had a slight headache and some difficulty sleeping since I started the M1T but so far it is tolerable. I get a much better pump during workout and am beginning to feel stronger.

    I'll update again at the end of week 2.

    Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

  9. I am soon to start a very similar transdermal cycle, are you still doing 2ml twice a day and is that sufficient or are you thinking of bumping up?

  10. 8 weeks on isn't a resourceful/economical decision with most 1-test transdermals because many have reported a massive slowing if not halt to gains after 4 weeks. I'd go 4 on, 4 off, 4 on, 8 off, but that's just me. Also, what does your post-cycle look like?

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  11. I plan on continuing to only use 2ml twice per day for a total of 4ml per day. Remember, I am also doing 5mg M1T at 2.5mg twice/day for the first 4 weeks with the transdermal and this stuff rocks. I have considered changing my cycly to a 4 week on, 4 week off, 4 week on again type, then take 8 weeks off but I am not for sure yet, it is according to what my body is telling me after week 4. If my bp goes up to far by the end of the 4th week I will then take 4 weeks off then do 4 back on. I had my bp checked today and it was 150/90. I had several years of experience with aas from 1986-1990 and always did an 8 week cycle. I have been what I call legal ever since then. I felt like the longer the cycle, the better you could keep most of your gains if you had proper pct. If I continue to go with the 8 week cycle my pct will be nolva at 40mg/day week 1, 30mg/day week 2, 20mg/day week 3 and 10mg/day week 4. I will also be doing ZMA and Dicyclofenil for pct. I am going to start milk thistle after the 4 weeks of M1T and continue that through the remainder of the cycle. I can tell you right now that I am starting to feel like I did when I did aas. Every morning when I wake up and I look in the mirror I am becoming more vascular and harder looking. Changes are taking place.

    Thanks for the responses. I'll keep everyone posted.

  12. End of second week of cycle. I am still on coarse with my eight week cycle. My bodyweight is up approximately 3 lbs. I am not experiencing any side effects as of right now. The headaches I was having the first week when I included the M1T went away after I went for my monthly chiropractic adjustment. My bp has not increased any more since my previous reply so I am going to up my M1T dosage the third week to 7.5mg/day (5mg morning and 2.5mg evening). Strength is increasing every workout and the pumps continue to get better.

  13. End of third week of cycle. Weight is at 179 for a total gain of 6 lbs so far. My bp has stayed at around 150/90 so I am going to go to 10mg a day (5mg morning and evening) of M1T for the fourth and final week. I will continue to go four more weeks on the transdermal at 2ml twice a day. The only side I am experiencing is intense lower back pumps that are a little painful. I have received my nolva for my pct. I am probably going to post some pics at the end of the fourth or fifth week.

  14. End of fourth week of cycle. Weight is only up one pound since end of third week but that is still a total gain of 7 pounds. The main thing is bodyfat percentage appears to continue to drop. My appetite seems to be stabalized now. I just don't seem to be getting as hungry as I did the first couple of weeks. I have ended the four weeks of the M1T and will start to take milk thistle now. My bp went up since the third week to 160/93 but I feel like that will start to drop now since M1T is finished. Will continue the last four weeks with just the transdermal at 2ml twice per day. I am still only training three days per week so I only hit each bodypart once every nine days. I continue to improve on each workout whether it is in weight or reps. I will definately post pics at the end of the fifth week.

  15. End of fifth week of cycle. Weight has not went up since end of week four. I am continuing to get stronger though. My bp is already starting to drop back to the normal range after only one week off of M1T. I am retaining a little water around the waist but not enough to bother me. I am going to get my wife to take pics tomorrow and I will post them then.

  16. End of sixth week of cycle. Still no gain in weight but bf% appears to still be dropping. Checked bf% twice two nights ago with calipers and came up with 9-10% both times. Started taking 10mg a day of nolva at bedtime due to the fact that my nipples were getting very sensitive. Other than that everything is still going as planned.....still getting stronger, feel good, nutrition is very good and libido is still very good.

  17. Hi bt,
    Milk Thistle is for liver protecttion, right? So wouldn't it have made more sense to run it during the M1T cycle rather than afterwards?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Stealth
    Hi bt,
    Milk Thistle is for liver protecttion, right? So wouldn't it have made more sense to run it during the M1T cycle rather than afterwards?

    Nobody knows for sure. It seems like a good idea for during but likely waiting till after is the most practical course of action.
  19. Smile

    Yes, milk thistle is for liver protection. But, IMHO I feel that gains will be sacrificed when you are taking something to improve or help liver function during a cycle. Think about it, if your liver function is being helped or improved with a nutritional supplement then what you are taking for your cycle will be hindered to make it through your liver.

    Better liver protection = more of your ph's or aas filtered out.

    Just my opinion, but it makes sense.

    Thanks for the comments though.

  20. OK, I shall take that into consideration. I'm going to start my M1T cycle as soon as the 4AD transdermal I want is back in stock.
    By the way, Great pics bt! I've got a little ways to go yet for those pecs, but working hard on it. Too bad we couldn't see your gf in the reflection in the mirror!


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