cycle #2 started today

  1. cycle #2 started today

    Freaky big!
    two on one off nine day cyclic rest-pause workout schedule.
    averaging 350g protien intake, keeping carbs below 200g, 3 ON nutrition whey shakes daily. supplementing with glucosamine, multi, c, e, potassium. flax oil and creatine
    Squat 405 X 4
    Dead 505 X 1
    Bench 355 X 1
    This is the planned layout for my second PH cycle. The first was a two week stand alone cycle of m-1-t.

    week one and week two:
    20mg 4AD twice daily every twelve hrs. transdermal

    weeks three through six:
    20mg 4AD twice daily every twelve hrs. transdermal
    20mg M-1-t twice daily every twelve hrs . oral

    Supplementing cycle with flax oil, potassium, C,E, multi, glucosamine, creatine.

    bumping protein to 400g keeping carbs below 200g.


    40mg nolva week one
    30mg nolva week two
    20mg nolva week three and four

    supplementing PCT with hawthorne berry and milk thistle and continuing with cycle supplements as well as protein intake.

  2. 6 straight weeks of M1t as your 2nd cycle? Your BF% is dangerously high, your size combined with M1t could be a big problem with BP.

    I think you should shed some of that & get down to at least sub-20% BF before jumping on m1t. Cardio is what you need, lots of it. Stick to cutting supplements & get the diet in order. After a few months of hardcore cutting, you could then consider m1t.

  3. no, no, and a resounding no. if you look closer it is six straight weeks og 4ad adding m-1-t for the last four weeks. So a two week preload of 4ad and then four weeks of both compounds. As far as my bodyfat percentagerelative to my blood pressure. everything was fine on a stand alone four week cycle of m-1-t. all meds were checked and blood pressure was never an issue I was even using hydroxadrine as well as diet boost throughout the first four week cycle with no blood pressure related sides. I've got a good ticker man! The doc was even relatively surprized that the BP did not skyrocket when I layed out the compounds I was using. As I stated in another thread, by using these compounds that I have chosen and fully researched, I am adding lean mass. coupled with heavy cardio, the fat is shedding off. I am of the mindset of most of the rest of the guys on this board and am simply researching. I am doing it right with the right compounds anf the right dosages and contantly have an eye on my meds, if for any reason I feel my health is being compromised I will cease immediately!

  4. Just to add to the last post. I was 33.5% BF before the first M-1-T cycle and dropped to 28% by six weeks. two weeks post cycle.

  5. I guess I misread that M1t cycle length, 4 weeks is much better. I wasn't aware you were planning to do cardio & cut. Your training description & goals sounded like you were going for more mass. As long as your BP & everything are OK, this should help you cut.

    Losing 5.5% BF on a 4 week cycle is impressive at any bodyweight. Keep it up.

  6. 20mg M-1-t twice daily every twelve hrs . oral
    Is your daily dose 20 mg or 40 mg total?

  7. 40 mg total. 1 squirt in the am and 1 squirt in the pm

  8. using T-gel and 10 grams of 4ad. breaks up to two squirts daily @ 20mg each for six weeks.

  9. Get those liver values checked man.. 40mg m1t is a lot.. saw liver values skyrocket on 10 mg of m1t from a blood test on another board..

    either way man, good luck and keep us posted


  10. Sorry misread, there. I am taking 20mg total of m-1-t 10 mg twice daily oral. and 40mg daily total of 4ad transdermal 20mg twice daily.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by nebmusclehead
    Sorry misread, there. I am taking 20mg total of m-1-t 10 mg twice daily oral. and 40mg daily total of 4ad transdermal 20mg twice daily.
    What is 40mg daily of trans 4AD gonna do??? How bout 400mg?

  12. yeah. I'm a fumble **** on the keyboard and left out a zero. I mixed 1 ten gram bottle of 4ad wiht the t-gel and am applying one pump twice daily.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by nebmusclehead
    yeah. I'm a fumble **** on the keyboard and left out a zero. I mixed 1 ten gram bottle of 4ad wiht the t-gel and am applying one pump twice daily.
    Glad to hear it

  14. Good luck Neb. You'll likely have a much more pleasant cycle with the addition of 4AD. Should give you some extra mojo for that cardio.

  15. well, I am mid cycle now. and if all calculations are right I am bulking like hell!! I am still hitting the cardio hard and the fat is coming off but at a slowed pace. The size and strength gains are still gowing through the roof. I have added ten lbs of lean mass. I am hovering right now at around 335. My weight seems to have stabilized right here. I believe I am adding lean mass at the same rate that I am dropping bodyfat. I have yet to do another fat pinch to see where I stand, hopefully I'll get it done next week and let you guys know. Its been real hard to get in a good workout latley due to the fact that I am traveling for work. I did find a real good gym here in the town I'm in currently and got the work nurse to sign off on my health sticker so the gym fees are paid for by the company. FREE GYM gotta love it. the place is great too. A good old fashioned hard core power-lifting atmosphere with great people running it. It is 24 hrs with a scanner key card. not a soul in there at 4 am.

  16. OH yeah. had the nurse check my meds and all is well. BP is normal, glucose levels were a little low but I went in right after a workout so that is to be expected. cholesterol was a little high @ 185 but she tells me that anything under 200 is ok especially for a guy my size couples with the amount of red meat and protien I am ingesting. I will go in next week for the rest of my blood work to see what my liver values are looking like.


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