Hey gang, Im 2-3 weeks away from my next cycle after doing two 2 on 2 off cycles of M1T/4AD trans. Did proper pct and have been off for 6 weeks. After doing 3 cycles of M1T so far all at two weeks using 20mg and 10mg I've determined 10mg to be the most I need and side efffect tolerable. Like others my gains stopped at about the 10-12 day mark. So here's what Im thinking for my next cycle. Frontloading 4AD trans (approx 300-400mg) for 10 days and maybe using some M5aa before workouts, then stopping M5aa, continuing 4AD and add M1T 10mg for approx 10-12 days. Here's my thinking. I respond pretty good to 4AD and have noticed the gains from it for me kick in about day 10 (I've heard others say the same). The M5aa would be used to increase strength so when M1T starts I'll have an edge and be ready to rock with heavier weights. Also the obvious singular use of a methyl for liver, blood pressure,etc.. Given my past experience with prohormones/prosteroids I really think this cycle could work very well for me. Only variable I might think of changing is trying M1T at 5mg which I have yet to. So basically it would be about a three week cycle and would take at least 4 weeks or more off with Nolva. Im gonna wait for the newer compounds to be reviewed and bloodtested before exposing my cows and figure by the time my next cycle after this is ready to go there will be more feedback. I'll post cycle when ready to go. Any and all comments welcome. Peace.