m1t cycle advice

  1. m1t cycle advice

    looking for some "expert" thoughts. i did m1t @ 5+5mg/day + approx. 500mg 4ad transderm for the 1st week. increased m1t to 10+10mg/day week 2 & 3.
    up nearly 20 lbs! very pleased with that, however, having some unpleasant "gut" discomforts. am doing plenty of potassium, taurine, etc. don't really think it's just cramps. decided to discontinue the m1t for now. still on the 4ad transderm this morn. i wanted to carry out the cycle to 6-8 weeks. should i switch over to 1-test transderm? or hang it up & hit the nolva? i'd sure like to hang on to most of the gains. i also have 1,4ad transderm prepared & some hydroxytest on the shelf. any idears greatly appreciated. have a good weekend dudes.

  2. hmm, not one comment. sheeiit, i'll just do the nolva & hit it again later.

  3. 20 lbs is about all you can expect on a cycle. Therefore, ending your cycle, hitting the nolva, reducing your training volume (since you are going off of androgens and your test levels and recovery will plummet), and eating to support your new mass should help you preserve your gains. Good luck.

  4. thanks cogar, that's exactly what i will do. have a great weekend bro.

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