First M-1-T post does this sound

  1. First M-1-T post does this sound

    28 yo male
    154 lbs
    9.6 bf
    2 years lifting exp.

    I'm in the middle of my first Cycle ever...using M-1-T @10mg ED. I'm on day 10 right now...planning on running it 21 days. So far I'm up about 4lbs..started @ 150.5, now at 154.5. Strength is great, definitely noticible increases, muscle hardness is there, only side so far is a few pimples on my back. sex drive is actually the same and sometimes higher as pre cycle. I've been eating slightly above maintenence mostly in the form of protein, ~280g/day.

    i'm looking for your thoughts on what i have come up with as PCT. i want to use clen 2 on/2 off because of it's anti catabolic properties as well as it's fat burning properties for any excess fat i gained during the cycle. I'm not sure on the doses though. I've seen posts where guys were using 20-40 mcg but as I understand it the doses should be a little higher for the fat burning effect.

    PCT starts 2/8
    days 1-7 nolva 40mg ED
    clen ? mcg ED ? EOD ?

    days 8-14 nolva 20mg ED
    clen ? mcg ED ? EOD ?

    days 15-21 nolva 10mg ED
    clen...none (week 1 off)

    days 22-28 nolva 10mg ED
    clen...none (week 2 off)

    days 29-35 clen ? mcg ED ? EOD ?

    days 36-42 clen ? mcg ED ? EOD ?

    The ways this runs, it will have me using clen the week I'm in miami beach for the WMC (3/6-3/10)...hopefully this will combat any potential muscle loss due to out of the gym time and perhaps not as many clean cals that week. does this all sound right to you guys.


  2. anyone...

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