Need Help

  1. Need Help

    Alright guys I was wondering if you could tell me what you think about this cycle. Iím 22 years old, weigh 205 at about 12% body fat. I have been training hard for 5 years and have done many prohormone cycles in the past. I am looking to put on as much weight as possible but to keep it fairly lean. I am ready to try something new and this is what I came up with:

    Week 1-12 300mg test ed (TNE Transdermal)
    Week 1-4 20mg M-1-T ed
    Week 8-12 30-40 mg M5-AA ed (not sure what dosage I should go with)

    *Milk Thistle will be used weeks 4-8 and 6 weeks post cycle. For post cycle I will be using Nolva and Clomid. Do you think it would be better to have something besides nolva on hand that would be more beneficial during the cycle to prevent bloat and gyno? I will also keep a log on here if anyone is interested on results during and post cycle. Let me know what you guys think of this one.

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    I would take the M5aa only on workout days and use NAC while on cycle. Milk Thistle on cycle might hamper gains. Transdermals are a pain in the ass, you might want to use inj test or a 4ad ester (pun not intended).

  3. I would use injectable test but I do not have a source and I don't think I would want to pin with a homemade brew from synovex for my first time. I choose to go with the transdermal test over the injectable 4-ad because I thought that it would be far superior. Maybe I am wrong on this but I am not sure. Any input would be useful.

  4. Transdermal test will work a lot better than pinning 4AD. It is test for hells sake.

    As for it being a pain, shower in the morning, when you get out put it on. Then apply it later on in the day again.

  5. Thanks for the help I will definately try the transdermal out. Can't wait to see what happens. I also am thinking about switching the M-1-T to M1,4diol. Think that would be a better choice?

  6. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    From looking at Jergo and SIFU's posts the M1T will give you a little more weight gain, but the m14add will make strong as hell. You trade one for the other. They said they had less sides with the m14add so I guess I would go with that. Your choice however.


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