I am currently taking P-Tren for 4 days now. My Liver supplements are Milk Thistle and NAC. I take 2400 mgs of NAC at a time 2 times which will make it 4800 mgs. For Milk Thistle I take 500 mgs of Milk Thistle I believe 3 times a day. Would these liver supplements hinder my gains?
How do you take liver supplements when on the cycle? Do I take it after I take the pills?
I must take P-Tren 3 times a day so I try to do it every 2 hours.

(Do not tell me about doing more research. This is research. I checked on the forums and couldn't get anything else. I checked forums on another website and somebody said that it raises liver enzymes and effects gains by decreasing absorption thus making it counterproductive.)

I am going to add more Liver Supplements to my Cycle because I will also add Epistane and something else perhaps.

Any help would be great.