Cycle Ideas...

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    Cycle Ideas...

    Hey guys, its cycle time again. Havent touched the ph's in almost a year. I have half a bottle of the original T1 Pro left and i bought some M1T (of course i have Nolva on hand, but i have never used it). I was wondering how to incorparate this into a cycle. Should I do something like 2 weeks of T1 PRO adn then 2 or 4 weeks of M1T. Or vice versa? Or 2 weeks of M1T and 2 weeks T1 PRO and then repeat the M1T? Or 4 weeks of each? What do you think?
    I know what dosages to take of the Nolva, but how do I administer it. It came with an oral syringe but it has a spray top. Im confused on how to take it. How many pumps is 1 ml? Or do I open the top off and dip the syringe in it? Thanks for reading and for the input in advance guys!

  2. Please do a search because all of your answers on in the prohormone forum..

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    Hey Mat, chill out bro! I have read about many cycles since joining here from I jsut am not sure which to do so I wanted some input from the guys here. That is what the site is about right? Trading information. If no one wants to be helpful then let them be. I know you are doing your job but I know to search bro, I have and I do. I have never used NOLVA before and I know the proper doses, jsut dont know how to actually take them. If anyone wants to tell me a good cycle with the proposed supps, please tell me. The time it took you to get frustrated and just say SEARCH, you could of answered my question. I just wanna have a good cycle and was wondering if 5-8 weeks on the suggest compounds was too long and if it would shut me down to hard. Do i need HCG if I stay on that long? I know your doing your job Matt and I know you always have good input. If you dont wanna answer then fine. If anyone else does then please put in some input. Will start sometime next week.

  4. Use the 3ml dispenser that comes with an oral syringe (just buy it at a pharm) to accurately measure out your nolva - then you don't have to figure out the drops. Instructions are given on the oral syringe box. And this info was a sticky on the ph board I believe.
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    Thank you MarcusG, so do i have to unscrew the spray pump at the top or pump it into the dispenser? Anyone have any cycle ideas or suggest one of the ones I laid out. Is 5-8 weeks on the above ph/ps too long?

  6. I am thinking of an 8 week cycle of transdermal 4ad/500mg every day and 10mg m1t ED for the final 3 weeks.

    People do 10week test cycles without hcg so i think an 8 week cycle would be OK as well.

    Anybody have a different opinion? You would be helping us both out now.


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