tren and test? or winstrol and test?

  1. tren and test? or winstrol and test?

    im 21 years old and 5'10" 210. my diet and training are very good. this will be my first cycle. i am looking to cut up while maintaing or building muscle. what would be the better cycle. trenbolone acetate and test? or winstrol and test? thanks guys

  2. so u just joined this board within the past 4 days and uve gained 20lbs??....SWEEET!!

    u willing to put up with tren sides? use hcg? have caber on hand?.....doubtful. my suggestion is test only for a first cycle. u will gain very well considering its ur first....but the addition of winstrol could be nice

  3. One thing i would like to point out is that no steroid will burn fat they are all to build muscle even though some will cause you to retain more water than others and that can be avoided with armidex and nolva. The point is your diet will determine how much fat u gain and muscle u will build bottom line. Gear will help retain muscle mass will dieting not burn fat. Also i agree with NOS do not take anything but test your first couple cycles others would possibly help, but just starting out your receptors are not down regulated and u will respond awesome. The problem with starting out with test and an exotics is that once your receptors become down regulated u have no where else to go so stick with the basics and slowly over the years introduce an exotic here and there for an extra boost And if you start using them right away u have nothing new to introduce and you will not gain as much muscle as the guy who waited and introduced them later when the test was no longer making him grow due to receptor down regulation.

  4. Well said bendit27. Just start out with test and see how it affects you. No need to start stacking for your first cycle especially with tren.

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