My cutting cycle

  1. My cutting cycle

    My previous cycle ended with lots of gains however I got the norwalk (sp) virus  going around Toronto.  I was laid up for about 12 days.  I lost about 1/2 my gains.

    I am now going to do a cutting stack. that is broken into two week increments.

     I am doing CKD throughout as described by blind faith. .

    Weeks 1-2

    SU 400 2 days, followed by 2 300mg doses for 3 days then 9 days of 400mg X2 times a day.  I am running an EC stack with 16 mg ephedrine and 200mg caffine 3 times a day.   I am partaking cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  Weights 3 times a week.   Last 2 days are for refeeding

    Week 3-4

    EC as above, T1-Pro 100mg of 1-test absorbed per day.  I will follow this for 15 days with some cardio after my weight training.  I will be working on 3 day splits Day 1 arms/shoulder  Day2 Chest/Back Day3 Legs. 

    I will be doing 4-8 sets per body part not to failure   I will get 5 workouts on each body part.

    Weeks 5-6

     Taking Clenbuterol probably tabs start low to assess tolerance.  I will include some Yombine HCL if I can handle it.  I will also take 6-oxo 4-5 pills per day for 7 days. following t1-pro cycle.  I will also take Zinc supplementation.

    I will repeat this 6 week cutting cycle till I get to my desired bf which is 10-12%

    Let me know what you think?

  2. Hey one thing gmonkey so people don't get confused is that we never talk about absorbed amounts. It confuses people. Just talk in amounts that you will be putting on... Sorry if that sounded derogatory but it was not meant to.. Talk to ya..
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  3. How did your friends cycles go?
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  4. One Friend had a bad allergic reaction and stopped at 2 weeks and the other friend made great gains.  His Bench went from 250 x10 to 300 x10.  My Bench is better than it was but I am not nearly as strong on most exercises stupid norwalk.   I got what was left from the other person so I will use that. 

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