What do I take, Newbie in all categories..? HELP...

  1. What do I take, Newbie in all categories..? HELP...

    Okay I posted this in another location but I guess this is where it should be.
    Im 40 yrs YOUNG: I'm not new to lifting or sports ect but must admit its been a while. I've now hit the gym consistantly 6 days a week for the past 6 weeks with my 16 yr old son who's kicking my ass in every catergory.
    I'm 5'11" weight 212. I've been strict with my diet and I'm not eating tons of cals because my main goal is to loose weight. I did start at 204 lbs and I can definetly feel some mass gains in the short time I've been working out.

    I'd love some ideas on a possible prohome stack and pst to try for my fist time with the goal of loosing body fat and gaining some muscle or just toning up. Please give specific names of the products so I can go out and buy them.

    Please help me out.

    Diet.. Eggs/ Egg whites and oatmeal in the morning
    Snack time, whey protien, gnc meal replacement.
    Lunch - chicken breast, salad.
    Snack - some kind of protien bar
    Dinner - Chicken/ Steak small quantities of veggies.
    Late night, whey protien.

    Presently I've been taking T-Bomb and A-bomb by MHP with a multivatmin from GMC and Xenadrine RFX for a fat burner.

    As far as the gym I really haven't been doing any cardio because I find it so boring but depending on what some of you say I will change my routine and possible make certain days cardio days or a split of cardio and lifting. I'm not sure which way to accomplish the best results. I know I'm not lazy and willing to sweat and work out hard.

    Thanks in advance for your comments...

  2. Wow nothing?

  3. First question is if you want to lose weight and fat, how did you get from 204 to 212? Does your pants fit a little looser? Second, I would not worry about the PH because you can make some great progress before you ever look at those things. Is your son taking anything also? If he sees you taking them, he will want to, and he will take them even if you say no. Then he will screw up his natural testosterone system in the process. He's young and you are getting back into the game. Both are starting basically at the same point so you both can make great progress without a bunch of supps. Besides, I think it's awesome you two are working out together. Don't do anything that could be a bad influence on him and could be more dangerous for him to try because you are his example. But since you are taking some, make sure you do everything right to come off it. I don't know if it needs a PCT or not, but if so, do it right. Not being a prick or anything, I just think you need to get diet and workout program down and max out all progress before taking a bunch of stuff. If you started back 6 weeks ago, did you start the supps then too? Your muscles can get stronger faster than your joints and ligaments do taking PH's especially just starting out.
    Yes you are going to have to figure out how to do some cardio. You don't have to do hours on end so don't worry. Fairly high intensity intervals on a machine are a good way to start. Warm up 4-5 minutes, then Alternate short periods of "sprints" or all out effort for 20-30 seconds, then back down for a minute or two. You will be able to keep heart rate up high enough for longer, without having to go all out for long periods of time. Bike, Treadmill (if you can run on one), elliptical, stair machine (with the rotating stairs like escalator-nasty, but effective). Start with a few days a week, for 20 min after lifting to get your body used to it, don't go all out first week or you might hate it so bad and not want to do it again. Then next week, you can progress as endurance builds. Either increasing the intensity, or increasing length of time by a minute or two.

    Post up what your workout is currently, how many calories you are eating. Then we can go from there.

  4. You have been back at it for 6 wks and your ready to jump into PHs?!?!?!? How about u give it some time, DO CARDIO even if it HIT type for 20-25 min after each workout... Now diet...
    Breakfast is good
    Screw gnc meal relacement pure crap... Make ur own:
    If u haves blender... Add in a cup of oats instant oats, 15-20 whey, 15-20 casien protein, and some macadamian nut oil.... Boom a great meal replacement shake, ohh yeah don't forget the water.
    Protein bars are good on a crunch but sometimes not the best. Possibly another shake maybe less oats though.
    What ate u eating right after u workout? Need whey and simple carbs.
    Also at night might want to look at casien or a blend protein. Or some bcaa.
    Whole foods are the best source though so eat them when u can instead of shakes.

  5. Guys thanks for responding.. No way in hell will my son know that I would be taking any thing. I started taking the Tbomb and Abomb the first day I started with some GNC multivatimins with some amino's... Yes my pants size has actually dropped from a 38 to a 36 and yes I have gained weight. The only explanation I have is I have added some muscle since day one. I see it, my wife see's it, my son see's it. Im happy about it.

    After my workouts I come home and have some Isopure whey protien. I really don't eat after that. Right before bed I have a yogurt, maybe some oatmeal and some more isopure protien.

    I don't think any one here taking there time to give me advice a prick. I consider you a helpful advisore with strong beliefs which can be taken for some one who might know what there doing. Since I don't know ****, thats why I'm asking.

    Lifting Stud, you mention 15-20 casien protein. What is that?

  6. t bomb and a bomb are not in the same class as prohormones. Your son will definitely know you are taking something anabolic. Casien protein is a slow-digestive protein that takes somewhere between 5-8 hours to digest typically taken an hour before one goes to sleep.

  7. don't have oatmeal/carbs right before bed!


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