tamoxifen while on cycle

  1. tamoxifen while on cycle

    is there any harm in taking 10mg tamoxifen citrate while on cycle (superdrol)? i know its gonna inhibit gains a little bit, but i had a bad flare up last cycle and id rather be safe than sorry. i have a prescription for tamox so im not "wasting" it.

  2. Well, you've got 3 options;

    -Stop the cycle now.

    -Keep going, low dose nolva.

    -Get gyno.

    Tamox will stress your liver further, so that is something to consider.

  3. hmm i like my options =P im only doing 10 mg nolva. isnt that already low? should i consider cutting them in half and doing 5 mg?

  4. I would say that 10mgs is already low enough. Even 20mgs probably wouldnt be that bad, but I would'nt bump it to 40 or anything untill you hit PCT.

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