My complete M1T Review...

  1. My complete M1T Review...

    I will try to provide as much information as possible in this post..For starters, I ran the cycle for 5 weeks. My dosages were 10mg/day for the first 3.5 weeks and than 20mg/day for the remainer of the cycle.. My thoughts are that the weight gain topped off near or around day 16 however every week I was up in strength.. I really had no problem with that since I gained 11lbs in the first 16 days and I was able to keep those lbs throughout the whole cycle.. The only side effect that I have to report is lower back cramping.. I felt this side effect for a period of 3 days and than it was gone the rest of the cycle. I did not take anything for the cramping except drinking more water. The back cramping is hard to describe but I was able to train through it without pain or discomfort. As far as lethargy, I took the pills at night so I really never got a chance to experience the side effect..As far as diet...I am not going to sit here and say I was perfect..I was as far from perfect as they come but I don't feel bad about that either..I kept my protein high every day but I had my share of bad foods..IE: XMAS-EVE,XMAS,NYE...For PCT, I am doing Nolva..The only other supplement I used was creatine and that is what I was taking before doing the M1T.. My rating: This was my second M1T cycle and it did more for me than any other product I have ever taken...Without a doubt, I would do this all over again!

  2. Gratz.

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  6. Be easy..I was high when I wrote it...So that answers another question..."Marijuana and M1T..." I tried to cover most of the questions I saw because there are 219292 threads about M1T asking the same thing..So yes I did smoke marijuana while on M1T and I am still happy with the results..Also would like to add that my sex drive was very existant!

  7. wow you're an inspiration
    world class athlete here


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