Finished my first cycle end of december 2003. Took 500 sust/400 deca per week for 12 weeks. Went from 175lbs to 198lbs with very little fat gain and large jumps in strength. I'm 6'1', 29 years old, and currently about 10%BF. Currently 194lbs and in my fourth week of PCT which is going very well.

As I've got some time on my hands I'm doing some reasearch for my next cycle which will most likely be my last. My goal is to add another 10-15lbs of lean mass to my frame. Don't want to get any heavier than that.

Problem is that I've read so much now, that I'm starting to get confused so thought I would ask for some clarity. I am in a position where I can get any of the following:

Test enan
Test prop
Deca Durabolin
Sustanon 250

Also any ancillary meds/ PCT stuff (eg. clomid/nolva/HCG etc etc)

I only want to use the above steroids becasue I am 100% sure of their authenticity. Given that, can someone suggest a good cycle to reach my goals? Cheers