epi/1-t tren recomp log

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  1. epi/1-t tren recomp log

    Alright, I've decided to run this cycle as a log..we'll see how it goes!
    Here's the cycle outline:
    1-T tren 5 pumps/day for 6 weeks, and
    Epi at 40mgs m-w-f(lift days), [email protected] tue/thurs, sat/sun off.
    Sustain Alpha run at 4 pumps on sat/sun

    So essentially, it'll be a straight 6wk 1-t tren run, with a 6wk modified epi pulse!
    I'm adding in sustain on cycle to help stave off shutdown as much as possible.

    Support sups include:
    AI's cycle support x2 day
    NOW coQ10 @30mgs x2 day
    NOW p5p x2 caps day
    Now omega 3's x2 day
    Now vitex 300mgs x2 day
    Now antioxident x2/3 caps day
    And the multi vitamin

    I plan to run PP's TRS for PCT.

    I'm currently 5' 11" 221lbs, somewhere around 16-18% bodyfat...
    My goal is to put on about 15lbs lbm and lose 10 lbs of fat, finishing the cycle somewhere around 226. I have a feeling, however i'll end up around 230 when all said and done...and that's fine provided I'm leaner as well..12% bf would be fine!

    So any tips, advice, crtiques, and suggestions would be appreciated, maybe even a visit from the fellas that make this sweet $hit we call 1-T tren?


  2. Day one in the books, off to bed. Too early to tell just yet, but i applied the 1-t tren bout 2 hrs ago, smells like whisky, goes on smooth!
    The AM lift was strong, I can always feel the epi right away, just isn't nearly as significant as when ur deep in the cycle!

    I also am takin 10 mg lisinopril for support on cycle.

  3. Looks great, buff. I'm sub'd!

    Let me know if you have any questions along the way.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  4. Day 2,
    rest day. As this being a recomp cycle, i will be trying to keep my calorie intake limited to around 2500. I also will be shooting for no more than 100 grams of carbs in a day, limited to consumption before 3pm.
    As far as the lift and cardio routine:
    M-W-F full body HIT(slightly modified) starting with around 15-20 min cardio warmup.
    Tue-thur-sat 30-45 min interval training on treadmill, will adjust as needed to limit "bad gains"!

    So, already feelin the epi, not sure what tren feels like yet. Overall mood and sense of well being is pretty good. I do feel a slight "pump" if you will, perhaps just the effects of a solid lift yesterday!
    And, one disclaimer...went off the charts this evening on calories(took the wife out anniversary) but then back to business!!!

  5. day 3
    222.8 this mornin

  6. subbed - as this may be something I try at the end of the summer......

    Looks good so far

  7. day 3 (con't)
    strength solid at the gym today, definite on feeling. I had a new PR in squat, so the strength is already coming! I am feeling a great sense of well being and a good pump already. Vascularity has already shown improvements as well. I can't wait to see what this cycle has in store! cals today somewhere around 2500-2800 with approx. 125g carbs. i'm guessin i need to start hittin the cardio tomorrow if i'm going to offset some bad weight gain.

  8. can ayone tell me how to do tren enanthate properly,im taking 1 cc twice a week and lifting heavy..any thoughts or tips would be great..

  9. nice buff im considering adding epi or h-drol into my 1-t tren cycle that im starting next week

  10. day 4
    223.6 this morning...

  11. Day 4 (cont.)
    Another off day, spent 7 hrs in a car, in bed by 9:30. Feeling pretty beat up from the first two days of heavy lifting. Had a bit of lethargy this evening, ate about 3000 cals today with ~200g of carbs...probably why so lethargic!!

  12. Day 5
    223 this morn
    Last lift day of the week(thank God!!). Slept about 8.5 hrs last night, great sleep! I have been doing morning workouts on lift days takin the epi 20mg b4 wo, 20 after. I have also been applying 1-t tren either right b4 bed or in the evenings.
    I was weak today, but am hoping the two consecutive off days this weekend will heal me! I am already seeing definition improvements from the epi and can't wait for the tren to kick in! No sides to speak of yet, save the slight lethargy.
    Any questions or advice would be great! I am considering keeping 20mg epi running through the weekends as well to keep any chance of gyno at bay...any thoughts trauma?

  13. i would say keep the epi at 20 that sounds good. are you experienceing any trouble sleeping applying 1-t tren before bed?

  14. I must say this log has my attention, I love how you didn't respond to those two guys in here. Yea it may seem rude but they weren't adding anything to the log but fluff. Anyway keep this log going strong we are all watching you and hoping for the best.

  15. Day 6
    224 this morning, only 5 hrs of sleep yikes! oh well, company. off day, decided to stay with 20 mgs epi on weekends as well for duration of cycle. libido is still solid and i will be applying sustain alpha today and tomorrow.
    had a bit of trouble sleeping the 1st night, but i think it was just the first day of epi at 40mg, i've been good since.
    appreciate the support!

  16. Another late night... guess i'll have to hit it hard and rest up this week!
    I plan on running epi pulsed now m-w-f for weeks 7 and 8 to finish off the cycle...40mgs per day. Any thoughts? I figure it will help keep the chance of gyno off my as$ for pct!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Buff9895 View Post
    Another late night... guess i'll have to hit it hard and rest up this week!
    I plan on running epi pulsed now m-w-f for weeks 7 and 8 to finish off the cycle...40mgs per day. Any thoughts? I figure it will help keep the chance of gyno off my as$ for pct!
    Would make sense to an extent as people have gotten gyno from epi alone cycles so the choice should be entirely up to you in that case.
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  18. Day 7
    225 this morning. ready to get back to the gym tomorrow! used sustain yesterday morning as planned and will repeat today. Cycle is going awesome! def., vascularity, weight all increasing...but, I need to increase cardio activity to keep the bad weight away.
    Have been "hot" lately, is this from the tren?

  19. May be high bp. You can get it checked at any pharmacy or most grocery stores. Just make sure to Sit in the seat and relax for at least 5 min before you start the test as your bp will naturally be higher unless relaxed.

  20. tren makes you sweat and feel hot. thats what it is. read this on several other logs

  21. Day 8
    226 this morning. Gym today, will report back...
    The sustain alpha i used for the last 2days boosted the libido nicely, but i hadn't noticed it falling off from the tren yet anyway.

  22. Day 8 cont.
    Sweet lifts today, strength is beginning to go up, had a new PR again on squat...5 days after the last one! I ate too damn much this weekend though! Got back on track, bout 3000 cals today. Two twenty min. cardio sessions.

  23. Day 9
    224 this morning. Rest day. I decided to add CLA to the mix to help prevent any fatty gains for the cycle.

    Does anyone have an idea how to offset the lethargy that seems to accompany this cycle!? It seems the afternoons go on forever, it's like a extreme case of after thanksgiving dinner type blahs in the afternoons...without the huge dinner!!!
    Outside of this one side, the early signs all point to this being one sweet cycle!

    Any questions or suggestions, for this, or in general would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, how long does it generally take for tren to kick in? From what i've read, this week should be the week!

  24. keep it up bro, For me the strength increases started about 2 weeks after i started 1t-tren. I start my 2nd bottle in a couple days, hoping for increasese in size and strength. Im gonna finish this week out at 40mgs epi daily and bump to 50 for the last 2 weeks.


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