Need Your Opinion Please!

  1. Need Your Opinion Please!

    Hello Everyone!

    I am in week#3 of a 10 week cycle of 300mgs of Deca and 250mgs of Test Enathate a week, this is what happened; I just got 6 amps of Organon's Sustanon 250 at 250mgs per amp, this was a late order I thought I would never get it and that I got scammed, also i am thinking of dropping the Deca, reason why is because I keep hearing horror stories of deca even at low dosages people couldn't recover a year after I don't know but I do have a horny wife and I want to keep her happy, you know what I mean? so more likely I will throw it away in the trash(literally) my question is: Can I mix sustanon250 with Test Enathate? or should I get me more Test Enathate and do 500mgs a week, and save the sust250 for another cycle?
    Thanks In Advance!!

  2. Bro, 250 mg of test a week is pretty low, even with the deca. I would go at least 500mg per week. Since you're already running 750mg of gear per week (test + deca), if you drop the deca you could prolly up the test to 750mg per week and get good results.

    I've never used sust so i can't really say much about it. I do know that it's a blend of long and short ester test, i don't really know the value of that since i've never tried it. I think i'll do some research.

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