1-t tren/the one/epi pulse cyle

  1. 1-t tren/the one/epi pulse cyle

    So, i'm planning on running a cycle of 1-t tren and epi. Was considering throwing the one on top of that for the first 4 weeks, tren for 6wks, starting epi on wk three for 6 wks.
    If i decide to add the one, i'd probably just pulse epi 3x a week at 30mg.
    My question for the fellas is, in addition to p5p, vitex and cycle support(post cycle covered), i'd like to add sustain alpha at 2-3 days a week on cycle to reduce shutdown...any suggestions as far as timing...maybe just 2 days a week back to back?

  2. Im running epi and 1t Tren right now. Starting my 4th week of epi dosed at 40mgs after starting with 3 weeks at 30 and have only amassed 3 pounds so far. I'm not knocking the product at all, as i've definitely noticed a change in how i look, muscle hardness, etc. Point im getting at is you and i are the same height weight and 30 mgs doesn't do much other than allow us to evaluate how we react to it, in regards to bumping it up. One thing about pulsing is that it allows you to run the product twice as long as a typical cycle, and if you don't, you would only be shorting yourself of some good gains.

    And one more thing, I dont think that its really necessary to stack 3 compounds at once. that's just my opinion. Im not trying to tell you what to do, it just seems like a lot. it also looks like you plan on being on cycle for 12 weeks. That is way to long to be on orals.

    id leave "the one" for another time. I've researched this cycle for a bit before i started mine and am expecting great things. stop in on my thread, I pretty much update it daily, so long as its a gym day.

  3. srimay,
    thanks for the feedback man! I think what i'm gonna run is this:
    1-t tren 5 pumps/day for six weeks
    epi @40mgs m-w-f starting week 2 for 6 weeks
    sustain alpha sat and sunday for duration of cycle of 1-t tren then tues. thurs, sat sun for week 7 with full TRS to follow as PCT

  4. that sounds legit. why only m-w-f? would epi help estrogen control from the 1-t tren

  5. that sounds legit. why only m-w-f? would epi help estrogen control from the 1-t tren

  6. I would pulse the epi m-w-f because those are my lift days(full body HIT routine)...i'd like to lift in a five day split, but with 4 kids, and a biz to run it's just not an option!
    As far as the epi helping with estrogen control, i frankly am not sure...any thoughts fellas?

  7. You should do a log on this.

  8. alright i'll log it. check it out at epi/1t-tren recomp

  9. Glad I could help, you should do well with a pulse at 40 for 6 weeks. Im just into my first full week at 40, and im loving it. I like that you're delaying the epi by 2 weeks, you'll realize gains from one product, then hit the peak of the other product a couple weeks later. Like a 1-2 punch. at least thats what Im hoping for, I started 1t-tren 1 1/2 weeks after epi. by the way, im up 7 pounds in 3 weeks.


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