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  1. SMS Forges Extreme Mass <Sponsored>

    I was one of the lucky few to receive TransForm Extreme Mass. Just a side note, I believed myself to be getting the Extreme Mass only, but ended up getting their PCT and Liver Support along with it! Much thanks to CustomCapsule again for allowing me to log this. I went out and bought all the liver support supps and natty test boosters, but now I can save those for later. I will be putting up stats and a final decision on workout schedule before the cycle begins. I will be out of school and will be able to post frequently, almost every day and can give reviews weekly if anyone would like.

    Will be starting on 5/16 hopefully once finals are done and I am moved
    into my new place.

    As of pre cycle I am lifting 5 days a week.
    Monday-light cardio (~35-45mins on stairs/uphill treadmill)
    Friday- light cardio or off depending on work
    Saturday- Back/Trap
    Normally I do 4 sets per exercise (shoulder day is 3 but from different angles). I have had shoulder surgery in the past, and have dislocated it since so that day is frustrating.
    I am thinking about going into 4x8 or 5x5-7 routine. I got good strength from the 5x5 with size in the chest but not much size anywhere else.
    I am also willing to change up my split, however I just started the posted split about 2 weeks ago so I don't need to change it up yet.
    Any input on a rep scheme or split?

    ON Cycle Split:
    Sun- Legs
    Mon- Cardio
    Tues- Chest calf abs
    Wed- back
    Thurs- cardio
    Fri- shoulder calf abs
    Sat- arms

    I am running Extreme Mass 2 caps/day for 30 days.
    It is a Pheraplex, Halodrol, TrenXtreme combo.
    I am guessing 10mg, 25mg, 30mg.
    EDIT: Come to find out the dose is different, thanks for the clair. Russian!
    PHERA-PLEX 17a-methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol 15MG

    HALODROL 4-Chloro-17a-Methyl-Androsta-1,4-diene-3,17-diol 25MG

    TREN..DIENOLONE 19-norandrosta-4,9-diene-3,17-dione 25MG

    On Cycle Support:
    TransForm Liver Support
    ATD (Inhibit-E) if necessary
    P-5-P 250mg daily
    Vitex- 800mg (any input on this)

    TransForm PCT
    Restore (6-bromo) at 2/3/3/2/2/1 (any input on this)
    D-Mannose w/Cranberry
    EDIT 5/6: Liquid Tamoxifen Citrate 20/20/10/10

    IF I feel I need more in PCT as far as natty test boosters, I have a full Tribuloid and a half bottle of Testosterole that I was given.

    Before and After Pics will be here during PCT.
    Weigh In: 212-214
    Weigh Out: 227-228
    Chest In: 44
    Chest Out: 46
    R Bi In: 16.5
    R Bi Out: 17.5
    R Forearm In: 14
    R Forearm Out: 14.5
    R Quad In: 27
    R Quad Out: 27.5

    Final Product Review
    In the beginning I wasn't really "feeling" the product, but the last weeks changed my mind. The only thing I noticed were bigger pumps in the gym. However, throughout the cycle the weight gain crept up on me, I had believed myself to gain around 5-7lbs, but I was wrong. A co-worker of mine was gone for 2 weeks of the cycle and mentioned that I was looking very full when he came back.
    I contribute most of the gains to the phera especially the strength gains in this last week. (275x6 Bench to 315x4) Another thing I noticed was the glycogen storage increase. My diet was much better than it had been with caf food in the past months. I felt that whatever I ate was stored in the muscle, I felt full all the time (even after cardio where I normally shrivle up)...
    Side Effects:
    1. sore nips towards the end, 6-bromo and tamox w/ prolac supps will take care'o that
    2. light bachne in the middle back, not gonna add any supps yet it should go away soon
    3. libido increase wk 1 then back to normal throughout the cycle, havent noticed any atrophy
    4. no real painful back/calf pumps (tibialis anterior has been pumping hard and painful during cardio sessions for a long while now, i wonder if i have anterior compartment syndrome....)

    Plan for PCT:
    Keep carbs high for two weeks and see how well i keep the gains, slowly back off carbs after that to try to be lean again, probably will not up cardio for a while and will just play with my diet in a month from now.
    Will use the Tamox at 20/10/10 and Restore (6-bromo) at 3/3/3/2/1
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  2. Wish you the best man
    Hope your log doesn't get ****ed up like mine.

  3. Subbed as well. Want to see how these work.

  4. Seems like u have all in order... U have SERM on hand?

    What u going for? Strength or size? If size def keep reps higher 12 highest with 6 being lowest. I find this gives a good mix of size and strength. Any reason why u do shoulders and tris the day after chest. If they are a strong point that's fine but kinds hitting them twice. Rather see u switch it some... I suggest:
    Sun legs
    Mon cardio
    Tues chest
    Wed back
    Thur cardio
    Fri shoulders with tris
    Sat bi or arms

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Liftingstud View Post
    Seems like u have all in order... U have SERM on hand?

    What u going for? Strength or size? If size def keep reps higher 12 highest with 6 being lowest. I find this gives a good mix of size and strength. Any reason why u do shoulders and tris the day after chest. If they are a strong point that's fine but kinds hitting them twice. Rather see u switch it some... I suggest:
    Sun legs
    Mon cardio
    Tues chest
    Wed back
    Thur cardio
    Fri shoulders with tris
    Sat bi or arms
    this split looks good.. problem i was running into recently is school from 830-230 and work 3-930 on wed so I didnt want to do back (mostly because i love hitting back hard and am pretty beat after school and work)
    now that I wont be having that problem (work AND school) i can switch it up
    i have liquid tamoxifen citrate, but to be certain of purity i am looking into tabs
    would run it at 20/20/10/10 more than likely
    i see some people doing 60 for 2 days and 40 for three days and all these high doses, but i thought most literature on it was at lower dosages

    EDIT: bla55, mike, young one.. thanks for joinin in. yall will have to wait a little bit before i pop off but it should be worth it, product looks good and the cans are keepers
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  6. Planning on progress pics at all or just log / stats?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bla55 View Post
    Planning on progress pics at all or just log / stats?
    i plan on showcasing a great back lat spread for you guys... i know you cant wait for this great uneven showing!
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  8. Quote Originally Posted by smshannon001 View Post
    i plan on showcasing a great back lat spread for you guys... i know you cant wait for this great uneven showing!
    Sweet man, truly can't wait

  9. good stuff bro, im enjoying the log.
    Gause institute member

    Need2slin designer.Product designer/ N2BM admin.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by russianstar View Post
    good stuff bro, im enjoying the log.
    just gotta plow through finals and this big strength and conditioning project for my nsca class and then its time to plow through some weights
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  11. Will this cycle be on a bulk, clean bulk, or cut?

  12. a bulk.. still going to try and keep it fairly clean with brown rice, chicken, lentils, eggs, and turkey as my most common foods
    but because of work i will have to chow on some chipotle and such so its not perfectly clean.. but a burrito there is 1000 cals so i will be able to get my cals down pretty easy
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  13. Ah cool.
    Judging by your avi you're lean anyway, should be fun.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Young One View Post
    Ah cool.
    Judging by your avi you're lean anyway, should be fun.
    the avi is a little old.. that was around the end of september (12lbs ago)
    the school year messes up my diet a bit as far as how often i get to eat so i end up having 3 meals and a shake post workout so getting a ton of calories per meal which doesnt help me stay lean so i got an extra layer right now haha i did cut down for a "build muscle lose fat" contest and got to 11.6 down from 17 but that was 2 months ago, i am probably around 14 now..
    anyways during summer i can dial in the diet and get lean towards the end
    so i am using the first half of summer to gain as much mass so when i recomp towards the end i wont lose as much mass
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  15. took some pics last night, back is a little red after the beach and it was with my camera phone (good quality for a phone i might add)
    but im movin into my new place at the end of the week and will be getting my digital cam from home so ill post those pics on fri/saturday (hopefully not looking like a tomato)
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  16. cant wait to start tomorrow.. will be moving in the rest of my furniture and will take some pics at night and post them up here
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  17. pics should be up in the next day or 2... new place doesnt have internet yet so cant upload them.. but do no fear they will be here soon
    popped first 2 last night (saturday) on arms and abs
    Natalus One Arm Curl 3 sets to warm up
    VBar Push Down 120-150-185-195-195 (last set dropset to 120)
    Straight Bar Curl 80-90-100-100
    Tricep Press 120-160-160-180-180
    Superset Differnt Angle Cable Curls w/Leg Raises 4sets
    today will do legs..
    hopefully before the laker game in case they lose and im too depressed to have a good workout
    for dosing i will be doing one with breakfast and one pre-workout
    breakfast is normally 2-3 scrambled eggs
    2 peices wheat toast plain or brown rice
    1c 2%milk with a scoop of whey and 14g flax oil

    heard that taking tren with fats will help with absorbtion
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  18. Yep hormones with fat always helps in absoption... Are u not spliting the dosage 8 or so hours apart? Above seems like u popped them together... Or did u just do that since was first day?

    Finally a log with this that has some detail!!!

  19. Oops my bad just saw the dosing in ur last post.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Liftingstud View Post
    Oops my bad just saw the dosing in ur last post.
    hopefully i will be able to give good detail .. internet should be up wednesday.. stopped in at work on my day off to post this
    for legs sunday
    SLDL d-bell 75-95-120-120-120 at 25,20,15,15,14 (d-bells only go up to 120)
    Leg Ext 160-230-295-305-305 at 20,18,14,14,12
    Laying Leg Curl 125-155-170-170-155- set 6 was done a tripple drop set of 125-95-65
    reps for LLC 20,13,10, 10, 12, dropset unknown wasnt really in the state to be counting

    today was cardio 10 min bike
    20 min walking up hill 30 sec intervals of level 4-8-12 for 10 mins
    8-12-15 for 10 mins
    EDIT: threw in abs before and after cardio

    will be updating pics and details more when the internet gets hooked up at the spot
    and i am splitting the doses.. day 1 was weird cause of moving in all day
    EDIT: REPS NOW INCLUDED from what i remember 5/19
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  21. day 4: chest/calf
    DB Bench 65-90-100-115-115 at 25,15, 12, 8,7 reps
    Superset Donkey Calf 3x495 1x540 at about 22-28reps
    w/ Seated Calf 2x90 and 2x115 at ???reps just went til it burned so good!
    Superset High Cable Flys 75-100-100-100 at 20,13,12,12
    w/ Icarian Chest Press (3/4 reps for pump) 3x120 1x130 at 25 reps
    Standing Calf 4x495 at 25,25,24,20 reps calfs were donzo
    Inc Barbell Bench 185-205 at 13,9 reps.. chest was already pumped and exhausted from the superset but i convinced my buddy to get in some more
    i ended up having to curl his 155 (if i was Young One that would have been easy)

    in case anyone was wondering why rep ranges are sometimes higher:
    Rep ranges for certain exercises will be higher than my 8-12, like with calves, i feel that getting full ext with slow essentric would be more beneficial
    also for instance straight bar bicep curl i personally would rather do 8 reps and then start throwin in some cheat reps instead of doin 6 and then cheatin because i feel that set was compromised

    i will try and remember rep ranges and throw them in the other hurried posts i wrote at work as EDITS...
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  22. Questions on dosing the support sups:
    Tyrosine 500mg at 1g 2xday
    p-5-p 50mg at 100mg bfast and 150mg dinner
    Vitex Extract 200mg (w/300mg non/extract berry) at 2cap bfast 2 cap din
    Vitamin C 1g at 1g bfast, 1g post w/o, 1g din
    Vitamin E 400IU at 1sftgl bfast, 1sftgl din
    Multi Vit/Min at same as Vit E
    Medizyme (free bottle) 2 prebfast 2 pre-din

    unsure if timing matters for tyrosine, p5p, and vitex..
    the tyrosine is just taken when i remember but always twice a day non specific times

    post workout shake today was BOMB
    1 scoop isopure vanilla
    1 banana
    1 protein scooper of raw oats (about 30g?)
    1.5c milk
    1Tbsp flax oil (no lignans of course)

    hour after that had another small meal
    2 peices of whole grain bread w/ 2 turkey slices
    1 piece provolone cheese
    and a few oz of ground turkey breast that i made a bunch of yesterday (seasoned it with a little honey and some lawrys.. pretty bomb)
    the sandwhich comes to 300 cals, not sure how much i ate of the turkey breast

    i can post my full diet for a day sometime if any would like to read it? its about the same every day but i throw in some variety chicken instead of turkey (big changes huh)
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  23. day 5: back and traps
    -liked the idea of switching back w/ shoulder day to give myself more rest after chest
    WG Pull Ups w/ Bodyweight 19-17-16 (normally my second set is 15 and third is 12-13)
    High Hammer Strength Row 115-140-165-165-185 at 20,16, 12, 12, 9 (weight listed is each arm and did a few extra reps at 115 after each set for left side)
    Seated Cable Row 220-285-285-285 at 18,12,11,11
    Barbell Shrugs 315-405-405-455 at 24,14,14,9
    One Arm D-Bell Row 100-120-120-120 at 16,12,12,12

    (d-bells stop at 120 )

    Felt a good pump, but Back day is my favorite and I normally get a good pump. I felt strong throughout the whole workout, even towards the end at the d-bell rows. More angry on the road today, but I dono how much is attributed to the Extreme Mass because I was going somewhere I didnt want to, someone on the phone with me was being difficult, and I someone tried to cut me off right next to me making me swerve into the next lane. That fired me up a bit, no one hurts my baby. (car)

    So far I feel more muscle density, a little thicker, like the extra calories I am taking in are stored in the muscle bellies not my gut. I am also always hungry. I do not think I am going to weigh myself before the end of the cycle, but if CC wants to comment and have me do it every week I will follow suit.
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  24. day 6: shoulders
    should have been cardio today, but my friend who is leaving on deployment next week was avail to workout so cardio would have been no fun, being that he is 35lbs heavier than me it gives me a little extra push in the gym

    Seated Military 95-145-165-165 at 25, 14, 8, 8
    D-Bell Side Raise 35-45-50-45 dropset to 35 at 18,14,11,12 drop 6
    D-Bell Front Raise 45-50-60-60 at 12,12, 9, 9 1/2 haha
    Rear Delt Deck 130-150-160 at 18,14,14

    Shoulders had a great pump today. They are normally weaker (esp left) since my surgery, but I try to to use that as an excuse so I will continue to push it. More vascularity in the shoulder region on my right side (left has been vascular ever since surgery). Traps kill from back yesterday, almost headacheish a few times today.
    Steak and Brown Rice for post workout, good stuff.
    Strength increases will come next week I'm betting, with a big boost in week 3 from the phera judging by friends and other members gains.
    CURRENT 2014 Log


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