IMPQ first T1 cycle

  1. IMPQ first T1 cycle

    Hi guys just received my order of T1 today...very excited....shaking up the solution as we speak. i noticed that inside the dsmo bottle, there was something that looked like ice or that of any significance? debating if i should start tonite or tomorrow morning...

    not takin measurements..but imma fellow beanpole 5'10...147lbs

  2. Allow the DMSO bottle and contents to warm to room temp and shake well.  This will liquify it again and allow for proper use as a solvent for accidental spillage.


  3. proper use as a solvent for accidental spillage.

    I don't get it??? Dmso for accidental storage??? By the way is the dmso and ph gel in two seperate bottles in the same package when sent??

  4. yes they are in 2 separate bottles...

    the dmso is sent just in case we spill

    but we have learned it is a excellent penetration enhancer.

    so i spilled the dmso into my PH ... whoops
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  5. AAh i get it the dmso is for just in case you get some on the floor, SILLY ME

  6. Originally posted by IMPQ

    so i spilled the dmso into my PH ... whoops

    LMAO! Funny you say that, I did the same exact same thing.....weird huh? Good luck with the cycle brother!

    We need an Update

  7. day 5

    i think its too soon for me to notice anything yet. ive been applying 1 squirt/morning about 7am and 1/evening 7pm.
    yesterday workout was back...seems pretty normal, no real increace in stregth yet. started cycle at 149.6, will update again on monday. have a great weekend bro's

  8. YOu might be one of those people who have to do longer cycles. I start getting solid strength gains and insomnia in as listtle as 2 or 3 days.

  9. day 20

    sorry havnt been updating...busy month

    up 6 pounds to 153...strength has been gradually increasing.

    do u guys feel kinda icky during the day after you put the transderal gel on you, or am i not rubbing hard enough??

    im rubbing to the point where im about to put a hole in my latex gloves


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