when to exoect anything gyno related with epi

  1. when to exoect anything gyno related with epi

    Hey guys and gals...im on day 14 of my epistane cycle and I am taking 20 mg's a day. Thus far I have not felt any side effects other then after the first week i felt a little prostate pain but it only lasted for 3 days and went away as quickly as it came on. At the gym I have moved up in weight and I am slowly getting back to my old form...pumps on epi arn't bad but ide say on par with quality creatine.

    But anywho onto what I am really trying to get at here...I have glandular gyno from puberty that never went away. I am on epi as a last ditch effort to try and kick it before going under the knife. For those who have actually had success with reducing or complelty eliminating their gyno..at what point during the cycle did you begin to see any reduction. I chose 20 mg because I wanted to keep sides low and I read 20 mg is good for gyno reduction. Now granted I know the argument over using a ph to get rid of gyno and I understand it...but just wanted to give epi a try....so if someone out their did have luck please tell me when in the cycle it started to get better for you and also what dosage you were taking. If I don't see any results soon I am thinking about ending the cycle early because I am gettin tired of having to remember to take my liver supps all the time lol...i know im lazy and cycle support kills my chocolate protein shake's taste...But I suppose its a nice way to get everything all in one shot...but anyways thanks for reading and any input is appreciated.

  2. Week 3 is when I noticed reduction. I got rid of gyno completely with Epidrol last year. Used 30mg.

  3. Epi didn't do anything at all for my gyno at low doses (20-30mg). At 40mg it made it worse. I've had better results reducing gyno w/ Nolva and ATD.

  4. i used epithin E and gyno was go within a week or 2 (hard lump) i got up to 50 mg all was well, stopped it and stayed on my injectables, and within 24 hours gyno was back FULL force.

    ****ing gyno

    PS: never use a steroid to reduce gyno, us an AI like Adex, 6-bromo, formex, or ATD,

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