How long should you wait.

  1. How long should you wait.

    I was reading through the Prohormone FAQ to see if any advise was given on this but I didn't see one.

    I'm only going to be on T1-Pro for about 2 - 2 1/2 weeks. With that short cycle I'll only do 2 weeks of PCT, Nolvadex 1st week 40, 2nd week 20.

    With that short of a cycle, is that ok for PCT. And how long after PCT would you wait to start a 2 week cycle of M1T?

    Or with that short of a T1-Pro cycle, would it be ok to start M1T right afterwards for 2 weeks, making total only a 4 weeks cycle? Then 3-4 weeks of PCT after that.


  2. first of all 2 weeks on T1 isn't going to give you that great of gains. 4 weeks is a minimum. any reason for only 2 weeks?
    With only 2 weeks of T1, you should be OK to go for 2 weeks on M1T.

    What are your stats/experience, jus curious

  3. You could do that and be fine. But why not run a longer cycle with both compounds like m1t for the first 2 weeks then run t1pro weeks 2-5 then pct. Or just take a week off in between the cycles with nolva.

  4. Reason behind only 2 weeks is when I got my bottle I saw it said 1-2 pumps per days once or twice a day. I saw everyone else doing 3-4 pumps per day and mostly doing 4 weeks cycles, so I thought alright sounds good! So I've been oing 4 pumps per day, 2 morning 2 evening, and I just found out that will only last me 2 weeks. So now I've cut it down to 2 pumps per day but there ony about enough left now for a 1 to 1 1/2 weeks and yesterday marked my 1st week total.

    So you do think its ok to go ahead and run 2 weeks of M1T without doing PCT from the T1-Pro since it was cut short?
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  5. Yep. I would just go right into the m1t then run the proper 3 week PCT with Nolva.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by kmac6225
    first of all 2 weeks on T1 isn't going to give you that great of gains. 4 weeks is a minimum.
    4 to 6 weeks is optimal, but everyone responds differently.

    One of the guys (Bow) who used to be a regular on AM did a comparison between homebrew transdermal and Avant Labs transdermal and kept a cycle log over on It was a 2 on 2 off cycle, and he made nice gains and he was far from a newbie.



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