What to use during and PCT for "The One"?

  1. What to use during and PCT for "The One"?

    Hi guys. I was considering using The One and wanted some input. I was wondering what PCT and type of products I should use if I was going to use "The One".

    During The One Use:
    Cycle Assist
    Multi Vitamin
    Omega Fatty Acids

    2nd Gear

    What else should I use any suggestions? Or any better ideas?

  2. Multi vitamins and omegas also will be used for PCT. I am concerned primarily about safety. Supposedly 2nd Gear provides the liver protection (Milk THistle), Test increase etc.

  3. Throw in a test booster in PCT.
    Mass Fx, Drive, Activate Xtreme, whichever.

  4. During Cycle
    Omega 3 6 9
    Milk Thistle

    2nd Gear
    Omega 3-6-9

    Btw, I read in an article that many people don't take liver protectants on methyl cycles because it diminishes effectiveness of hormones? This true?

  5. btw that is USP labs prime. I have seen too much positive feedback on boards and at my gym to ignore it. Btw how much hawthorne should I take on cycle?

  6. Replied to your pm


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