experienced juicer trying m1t

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  1. day 8:
    Woke up this morning feeling very "tight" A feeling that i have only felt while being on high dose winny. It is a very cool feeling. Last night i was incredibly sore and now i'm just so-so, thus recovery is greatly improved.
    I get my vehicle back today(blown tranny), so i might head to the gym and do grip work.
    Where's this weight gain i keep hearing about???? I was hoping to get into the 240's
    This stuff would be awesome in the 60mg ed dose range.

    If i could compare this compound to a steroid it would be have to be winny. 40mg m1t = 100mg winny
    Strength, pump, joint soreness, almost the exact same feeling. Except m1t kicks in faster than winny.
    I can only imagine what this stuff could do for strength with some 4ad prop and m5aa. That'll be my next cycle.

  2. Bell,
    How tall are you?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Tatt2d
    How tall are you?
    Girlfriend is 6'...damn she's tall

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bellicose
    Girlfriend is 6'...damn she's tall
    You looked alittle lean to be 230 but 6'2 is tall, so it is hard to look real bulky. It sucks being tall. I am 6' I feel your pain.

  5. day 9: weight 230lbs
    Crappy workout today, did partials and was not feeling good(kind of sick)
    Ended upping doing front squats instead and got 315 for a double.

    Heading to clearwater saturday to train with some monsters up there. I'll let ya'll know how it goes. Until then i'm gonna rest and eat.

    Screw maintance calories, i'm eating 1000+ what i normally eat as this m1t does not help me gain weight on maintance calories. i wanna be 240lbs by the end of this

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Tatt2d
    You looked alittle lean to be 230 but 6'2 is tall, so it is hard to look real bulky. It sucks being tall. I am 6' I feel your pain.

    Trust Me, Being short sucks!!!

  7. lol im 5'11 and i wish i was around 6'2-6'4

  8. cycle is being suspended as of today.
    40mg ed effects noticed:
    Great strength gains, minor body comp changes, small weight gain(2-3lbs), decent pump all day
    Side effects: minor acne, elbow tendonitis(due to strength gain)

    trained saturday and took the 275lb farmers walk implements for a little stroll.
    This product works, and it works good. I wish i would have taken a form of test with it.

    A higher dose(40-60mged) with a test product would yield phenominal results.
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  9. 1. How did m1t compare to fina?
    2. How did the hairline hold up?

  10. its a different feeling than fina.
    I'd compare it to a normal dose of fina, minus the body comp changes. I experienced mostly strength gains.
    I'm iranian, i have hair and lots of it. I did notice more body hair growth


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