experienced juicer trying m1t

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Tatt2d
    You looked alittle lean to be 230 but 6'2 is tall, so it is hard to look real bulky. It sucks being tall. I am 6' I feel your pain.

    Trust Me, Being short sucks!!!

  2. lol im 5'11 and i wish i was around 6'2-6'4

  3. cycle is being suspended as of today.
    40mg ed effects noticed:
    Great strength gains, minor body comp changes, small weight gain(2-3lbs), decent pump all day
    Side effects: minor acne, elbow tendonitis(due to strength gain)

    trained saturday and took the 275lb farmers walk implements for a little stroll.
    This product works, and it works good. I wish i would have taken a form of test with it.

    A higher dose(40-60mged) with a test product would yield phenominal results.
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  4. 1. How did m1t compare to fina?
    2. How did the hairline hold up?

  5. its a different feeling than fina.
    I'd compare it to a normal dose of fina, minus the body comp changes. I experienced mostly strength gains.
    I'm iranian, i have hair and lots of it. I did notice more body hair growth



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