Cutting Cycle (Second Cycle) Anavar and other

  1. Cool Cutting Cycle (Second Cycle) Anavar and other

    OK guys... I have been reading your threads since I was 16 and I am now 24 so I have done a fair amount of research. I did a cycle last summer... test e 300 every 5 days and eq twrd the end winny but was way too painful i couldnt walk. so right now I am going to hop on my second cycle.. I have 200 anavars on the way. I also hav a BD Test E 275 and Deca 250 and a prolab Deca 300, and two shots of sust 250 and primobolan. I have Arimidex and Clomid... I also have ephedra and clenbuterol (liquid)... Now I am just listing what I have I am not suggesting that I am going to use all this stuff. I am 5' 8" 185 lbs... bf idk... and I can max at 240 on the bench maybe 225 6 times 240 2 or 3... Now my issue is last summer I went from 195 to 210 rapidly and I had a hard time keeping diet in check and it took me til january to shed the extra weight.... so this time around I want to do a sick cutting cycle but limit my gear and focus and diet and excercise. With that said... I do want to include gear, definitely anavar... maybe test e (but i dont want 500 a week cause I know ill get fat or am afraid of it).... i was thinking test 400 once a week... I dono... Im stuck. i have access to anything almost and money is not really an issue. I am also concerned about gyno. help me build my cycle, please

  2. test e 400mg/week 1-10
    Anavar 50mg ed 5-12

    as long as diet and training are spot on this should do u well on a cut

  3. that is what I was thinking.... I might throw some deca in ther... i hav 9 shots of 300 10 of 250... I just dont want to get bloated/impotent/gyno... any feedback on side effects and length/dose?

  4. i would save deca for bulking purposes, u more than likely will hold water. and if u use deca i suggest running HCG through ur cycle

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